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November 06, 2011


Jennifer Hayslip

Hey Analise!!

I miss you girlie! When the holiday season rolls around I always think of your *FABULOUS* Christmas creations. Im happy things in life are looking brighter again. I hope you will continue to blog and create when you feel inspired. I miss seeing your sugary sweet creations!
((HUGS!!)) xo,Jenn


Welcome back...those are super cute.


Glad you're back, too. I enjoy your soft palette. I was wondering if you remember a link you had that had vintage/retro christmas music downloads?

Lisa Parish

So nice to hear from you and know that things are better. Take care, with love and hugs Lisa xx


This is my first visit to your blog...everything is so soft and pretty. I'm sorry that you've experienced "ugly" in your life...but I can see that it doesn't define who you are...and when it feels right, that creative spark and desire to share will return. It's okay..because your friends are patiently waiting :)

Judi Storm

YEA! I'm so glad your back, even if it is just every once in a while. I have prayed for you and your family over the last few months, "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus love and righteousness" As the holidays are upon us I pray that you all have a Blessed time together with family and friends. In Christ Judi in Wahoo.

Angie- Mommydoings

Welcome back... and blogging doesn't have a required schedule. come back when you can, share what you want and enjoy the ride!



I am happy to read this post. I do miss your wit and inspiration, but family definitely comes first. I am glad you are getting some creativity back, although I think we all go through slumps here and there. You have a special light that we all benefit from and I look forward to you sharing it with us readers from time to time. Love ya!

sonia audelo

Love your pic!! You know we are here for you girl. Those flowers are so pretty. Good to hear your creative spirit is coming back. I cannot wait for those gorgeous chapels your create. (((HUGS)))


So nice to see a post again. The flowers you made are beautiful.

No hurry with decisions. Everything will be waiting for just the right timing.


Good to see you. Everything is beautiful. Much love to you.

Kim Caldwell

I love you sweet thing whether you Blog or not. I miss you like a crazy. . .




You look beautiful and I was one of the lucky girls to receive your pretty hand made flower. Best of luck to you Analise and continued success in your creative life.

Ciao bella,

We wish that you were at Jenn's event too. You were in many girls' thoughts for sure!

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