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January 26, 2011



Beautiful Analise, I am journal obsessed too so I know how much fun they are to create. I stopped by to tell you to go and check out my blog where I linked to your etsy shop. I purchased some items from you way back in 2008 and finally used these items - go take a look. I'll be back to your shop so start making more things again!

sonia audelo

Well, I love it!! I love adding lots of embelishments. Nothing wrong with that. I have also been browsing blogs for inspiration. I have to get my butt in the chair and start creating. My creative soul is craving it. But, I let other things get in the way. Hope Febraury is better for you!! LOL


Your journal is lovely! I have a few old calendar books that need some foofing, you give me the right inspiration. /Therese


"I am finding myself blog browsing, flickr browsing and etsy browsing more and more and making things less and less."

I totally hear that. I was doing that soooo bad and becoming super jealous of other people's time to make stuff! I finally got sick and I decided to finish some projects and that got me all fired up again! All you need to do sometimes is *force* yourself to sit down and do it...then it becomes a joy again.
(at least for me)

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love, love, love your "scrapbook journal"! Did I say I love it? Oh my gosh. I have been wanting to make one too. I never thought to use an old book. I think I need to head to our favorite thrift store.
Did you see there is supposed to be an awesome garage sale at McKelvey and Sierra tomorrow? If you go...leave some for me! LOL


I like it! I think it would be fantastic for jotting down little thoughts, ideas.. just short little things. You can always make a 'blank-er' one for a full-on journal!

jenny holiday

I am riiiight there with ya...Goood by January!!!!! We are closing the month out with Aaron's bday on the 29th. :)

and...umm...your book is fantastic!! Every page is super sweet!! Plus..ummm...it is your first one?? It's great!!! I look forward to seeing lots more!!

I always love your stuff!!! :)

Here's to February starting this new year off right!!!!



Well I'm of the school - the more embellishments the better! I love it!

Stay warm


I love it!!! So pretty! I have been wanting to make one for ages, too!


Oh, I think it is a beautiful journal perfect for jotting down quick thoughts, quotes, etc. I just love it!

Judi Storm

I love it just the way it is!! Who has time to jurnal that much anyway? I also what to thank you for sharing you Grrrrr's. It always seems to me that blog divas (I think you guys are because you girls have soo much talent) never have any disCUStions with their great stuff the way I do. Or think "well that was a waste time" THANK YOU (Hope you understand this comment) Judi in Wahoo


You know what I think it is? Pictures. Some people take really amazing pictures. To us the book looks great. To you it might look different. I am not so sure that it wasnt a success. Im sorry that things have been trying for you for a long spell and am glad that you are still with us. I went through something similar in the last year, took many long vacations from blogging and here I am still. If ever you need a friend in prayer. I am one. Much love to you.

Dollys Cherry Heart

I love it Analise.
Now what will you use it for?
writing little quotes and inspirations, pictures, poems, scraps of this and that????
Just curious because I have seen them made but never knew what to use them for! :-)

Warm hugs,

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