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November 28, 2010



Dear Analise
I've read was you wrote lately. I'm sorry you have been going through such sorry in your heart and home.
I was at a concert here in Ottawa, Canada this summer, and heard Amanda sang this song. Everyone stopped in their tracks, and listened. I hadn't seen the video till today. I now know where you are coming from dear girl.

Deborah Mcnutt

I know where you are coming from. I've not posted a blog for almost a year. I did last night. I went through alot this past year,and just shut down. My heart is still healing. I'll pray for you and keep your chin up~ "Joy comes in the morning"!~~I have always loved your work!~~~~Blessings Sweet Analise, Deborah

Lisa Marshall

Thank you so much for sharing this post. I love your etsy shop.
Lisa @ Lesapea Musings.xx

Kathleen Eyles

We have all been "broken". And at times it is a terrible struggle to crawl back. i've been there. So happy to hear you are on the mend. Wishing you much joy!
Hugs, Kathleen

danielle greenwood

I stumbled on your blog from Etsy... Wow. I just love everything about your blog and shop. You certainly are a girl after my own heart. I'm now following your blog (in a non-stalker way ;)...) And i'll be back for more.
Your corner of the web totally made me happy, thanks! :)


hi doll,
i know exactly what you mean about being broken. after the thing i was asking you about that was a serious let down i felt like the creative juices where just sucked out of me. all used up for the ungrateful; for me to be forgotten and left behind. i am hoping my creative juju comes back i sure need something to distract from my everyday


Looks like wonderful new goodies! I know exactly what you mean about getting your groove back! I think we all struggle with that now and then. Sometimes for me it felt like I would never snap out of it. Lovely work!

sonia audelo

Happy to hear you have your creative groove back. I know how you feel. Awhile back I went through some difficult times with close members of my family. All I can tell you is my hear was seriously broken. I use to create for them so many things. It all came to a halt, and I stopped. It took awhile and just started to create again. You are right, it can heal you. The hard part is getting started. BTW, I hope your sneek peak is of one of your sugar houses. I would love to purcahse another one. The one I have from last year is so beautiful. LOL

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