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October 11, 2010



SO much gorgeousness!! Love it!

andrea singarella

thinking of you. :)

Charmaine McLaughlin

So glad you're BACK! Your pic is adorable and all your items in your shop are as sweet and luscious as always! Thanks for sharing your story...it's not in vain my friend...you have definately inspired others! Many, many blessings to you!! YOU GO GIRL!!

Heidi Woodruff

Hi Analise! You're baaaaaccccckkk! Looking as sweet as ever!
Blessings, Heidi

ps I'm back, too!

Natasha Burns

Love your Art Saves story Analise. Stay strong, lots of love to you xoxo


I was surfing flickr for silver bella photos(my first year) and came across your table n the lovely things you sold. I have a question for you. I noticed a picture you posted with two jars with a pink lid and an aqua lid. I was wondering if you could tell me if you purchased them already those colors or did you paint them. I have a bunch of ball mason jars i want to girly up.
Stay strong. I know things can be hard. i have had a lovely visit to your blog and love looking at all the inspiration.

{oc cottage}

So glad your back! Hang in there!

m ^..^

sonia audelo

Congrats!! On my way to see your article. Love your smile :)

Emma Sather Bluemel

Happy to see a new post! I named my daughter Analise too - she's 20 now. I love your blog and all your pretties!!! Have a Fabulous Fall day!

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