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November 25, 2009



I love you my friend, and am thankful for you, too :) I miss you terribly.

Jen Day~sugaredsongbird

I'm sending prayers and hugs your way, may you truly have a blessed year ahead of you!

Andrea S.

LMAO Golden Girls!
I am thankful for you too, Analise!
Sending a BIG hug your way!
You are so strong and real and your family is beyond blessed to have you as their mother and wife!
xoxo a


I am thankful for your blog and the inspiration it gives, like those adorable heart tags. I heart them!

Molly of Fleur de Bee

Aww Analise I have been through this so I know EXACTLY how you feel! I will keep you in my prayers. It is so wonderful to see how positive you are and I know how hard it is to remain that way, especially with kids! You are a beautiful person and I feel this next year is full of hope and promise and what a great example to all of us to be so grateful for all we have. Thanks so much for the reminder and what a beautiful post! You made my weekend and I just think the world of you!

xoxo Molly

Kim Caldwell

Love you girlfriend. I feel a whole new year just around the corner with many blessings in store. . .

Hugs, Kim


Analise, How I loved and felt your post, we like you and many others are in the same position, I keep hearing how the economy is back and better...I say tellt hat to the people that are out of work, out of thier homes are about to be, that are living in the streets and might be missing that next meal...but regardless, I am thankful, that my family is healthy, that for the moment we are in our home...warm and with full tummys and like you...I am so thankful for daughters that understand...hopefully one day it was will...sure, go ahead and get it...rather than the usual...just not right now. You showed me such kindness and I appreciated it with a huge heart, I just wanted you to know that :) I look at my lil flower bunches I got from you and smile...sometimes you have to just hang onto the lil things that give you happiness and leave the big things, good or bad for another time. I hope you and your family had a beautiful Thanksgiving, ours was quiet and drama free...we were all together, eating too much, talking too much and just enjoying the moment of us together as a family. Besos, Rose

I know things will get better for us all Analise, just a matter of time..right :)


Hi Sweet Analise! I'm so happy I was able to meet you at SB. :) I LOVE my little purchases and am anxiously awaiting the reopening of the shoppe! What a wonderful heart you have giving thanks in such a difficult year. Hugs to you!


You truly have the spirit of Thanksgiving in your heart. God's Word tells us to gives thanks in all things and you are doing that. I have been blessed this morning reading your blog. Thank you.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary Analise. Bless you and your family this holiday season.

Bunny Rose Cottage

Oh Analise, this is such a beautiful post. You are such a beautiful, positive, inspirational person. I love to come here and read your blog. It is so uplifting. Though I dont always comment, I do visit every day and am always amazed. I am thankful for your blog and the beauty you add to my life each day. I am so sorry for all you have gone through this year. What a wonderful, supportive family you have and the attitude you all have will yield great rewards, I just know it! Congratulations on 14 years with your sweet guy! He sounds just wonderful :) I have gone through some very difficult times and The Golden Girls have ALWAYS been such a source of comfort to me. I used to watch it when I was little with my grandma, some of my best memories were with her. So watching that show is so comforting. I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving Analise!
Much Love,

Julie Ann

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving!!! And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! :D


Happy Thanksgiving Hunny! thinking of you and your family tonight :)

Miss Rhea

Wow, I am SO sorry about your Church Family. I too was on staff at Our last Church and we split painfully too. It has taken a couple of years for me to "get over it" They were my Forever Family, if you know what I mean. Prayers for you and your Husband, that God would Bless your family this year in a Mighty way !! :) Happy Thanksgiving, you are right, there are SO many things to be Thankful for :) Hugs :)


What a lovely post. Its says a lot of someone who can look past the difficult times and find things to be grateful for. I certainly can relate to telling your kids "yes, but not right now." That has been a phrase we have been uttering lately as well. Congrats on your 14 year anniversary! Thanks for entering my swap!


P.S. I can almost smell the sweet potato casserole here. Mmmmmmmmmm.............

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