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April 01, 2009



Love the wallpaper idea! The goodies are just yummy and can't wait to see your new site.


pale aqua, baby, all distressed. of course hot pink will be way cool, too. you can't lose!


Audrey Jessica

love ur stuff

black eyed susans kitchen

Is is wrong that I stop by to visit an just go OOOOOOHHHH, like a kid with her nose pressed up to the window of a candy store?
♥, Susan


MY GOODNESS! I feel like I hit a goldmine by stumbling onto your blog. I hope you don't mind me bookmarking it!


Everything looks so pretty! Can't wait to see the shop. Saw a sneak peak on Hope's site!!


Wow, what amazing things you have...I just love all the fun colors..I'll have to check out your shop...I love the wallpaper idea... Heather, said you have amazing things and I so agree..


I love that wall paper idea... I wonder if I have anything I could use that treatment on... hmmm...

Marlene Haveron

I too like the idea of "Hot Pink/Fuscia?" and I do Love the look of wallpaper or scrapbook paper for the inside of a hutch...I actually am doing it in a corner hutch that I have in my art room...please show us it after you're done with it...have a honey of a night - sweet dreams! Marlene :O) PS Can't wait to see all the goodies in your new Website...


GORGEOUS EYE CANDY post!!! Yummy!!! Everything from the ribbon to the blossoms are fab! Cant wait till your site is up! I know you've worked so hard! XO,Jenn

Fleur de Bee

DARLING STUFF ANALISE! I make the pinwheels and stock local boutiques here. Let me know if you ever need any and I will work you up a fab deal!

xoxo Molly

Sadie Lou

I spelled my name wrong.

Sadie Lou

How wonderful and exciting!! I love the new blog banner--amazing!!
I just love the idea of a new website!!
It's just a natural "next step" for you!
*praying for prosperity*

Cherie Wilson

I say Hot Pink and vintage wallpaper!! Have fun. IT truely looks lovely the way it is too, just so you know:)


EVERYTHING....is ALWAYS such a treat to look at when I come and visit your blog....soooo much talent and gorgeous and colorful fun! ♥ it!


Look at all the goodies!!! Can't wait to see your new shop, do you still like etsy??

Shelley G in Iowa

Everything looks so YUMMY!!! I am going to be patient and wait for you to open your store, though. I'm anxiously waiting!!!


All so beautiful, the colors perfect!

Andrea Villarreal

Oh my I love One Hundred Wishes too!! I can't wait til you open up your new website. It looks like it will be fabulous. And don't worry too much about saying stupid things we all do sometimes!! In this day and age it's the things I heard said that are totally stupid and no one batts an eye:)


I would paint it a soft cream color and then wallpaper the backs of the hutch....love everything, can't wait for your new shop!


Everything looks breathtaking.

Cindy (Junque Art)

Lots of great looking goodies! I think the wallpaper idea is great for the shelves!


Hot pink is great in theory but I don't know if it would showcase your beautiful work well. Wallpaper would be nice.
Can't wait to look at your shop.
Cari b.


Oh, the wallpaper idea would be too cute!! AND hot pink!

m ^..^

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