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April 08, 2009



wow I was blog surfing and came across your blog its in my favorites now, all I can say is wow!!!! Your work is Just Beautiful!!


That banner is beautiful! Just beautiful!

Pinkie Denise

Wow Annalise,
Those banners are exquisite! I love them Pinkie


BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colors and the mulit add ons. I just had one thought wouldn't that make a fabulous Pizza? Can you imagine opening up a pizza box and having all that delicious beauty to surprise you. I know I would love it.

sheri howard

Hi Analise I happened onto your blog by way of allsorts today, I am bored and went blog hopping and your name caught my eye. My favorite color is PINK too! Your blog and your craft is what my life would be if I had time for another! I love all things pink and glittery, I LOVED looking through your blog and I will have so much fun looking through your shop! Thanks so much for your crativity and dedication, I believe in you! "I get you!" :)Sheri


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! The banner you made for Anita has given me a SUGAR RUSH!!! Analise, you blow me away girl! I looove it! The details are sooo yummy!!! :) XO,Jenn

Lee W.- The Way I See It

I lvoe all this glittery goodness! Won't that banne be an "office stopper" over your customer's desk. At least, I hope she takes it somewhere like that- it'd sure brighten up the day!!


I like the little glittered ruffles. I would buy them if you offer them in your store. The banner is too much fun! Kathleen


I always love looking at your pictures..They are so bright and colorful..Your banner is just so beautiful...I love every little detail..


This banner is so very sweet! Just beautiful!

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