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March 13, 2009



I just love your blog..Heather kept telling me to check it out. Now I see why..I'll have to check out your boutique, so many sweet things..See ya soon.


cute site. I love all the yummy ribbons and things.

Angela Henrie

I love the cupcake pins! Where can I find some?


Hi Analise....I am sure your site will do just wonderful. You should believe it in because we all belive in you! I'm looking so forward to seeing how it comes out. Isn't that popcorn unbelievable! XOXO Jennifer


I love the new site...and I would love to have that kettle corn just for the pkg....but alas I live in an area that has no T.J. and I had never heard of it before wish you could buy it online...and the ribbon and trim is lovely.
God bless you


What cute Kettle Corn Packaging! I have never seen anything like it. Daisy~


Wow, you humble me...as does this song, I haven't heard it in while. God's speed, I know your site will prosper, God has given you such
amazing talents!

m ^..^


The new site looks awesome. Dreamy ribbons...ahhhh.


Good luck to you!! Passion is the number one ingredient for success and it seems as though you have lots of it.



i know what you mean about keeping the blog light and happy. i think that's what makes it such a nice "escape" from the day-to-day. please know that we're all rooting for you.

your shop is lovely.

spring is on the way ...


Jaime C

Good for you to be able to make this your main job! How wonderful to love what you do, for a living. I am heading now to check out a sneak peak to your site.


Tracy Kaufman

I enjoy your blog every time I come for a visit. I have given you a blog award. Please visit mine to see it.

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Best wishes to you in your new ventures Analise!! I know you will be so successful, everything you do is done with such heart. It shows in all you do.

All of your new ribbons are beautiful!

xo Heather


Trader Joe's is the best place. I have bought lots of the chocolate truffle bars. From what I can see, no soy in those (for soy allergies). Your ribbons are wonderful. Love that checked pink and white one. Best of luck with your website.


jennifer norman

I loved your post. These are some really weird times we're in. I'm really new to the blog world...and hope mine can inspire at least one person!
Your trims are so darling! Best wishes to you and your website!


Your post " a gift" is what it's really all about isn't it. Bringing joy through our gifts of creating to others. Wonderful!
PS. i found your blog through Sadie lou's :)


Your sneaky is lovely! thanks for sharing! Hope your crafty night went well.
xo Kris

Natasha Burns

Oh I likey all right! Your shop is gonna be absolutely amazing Analise! I love the work Hope has done on it so far, it's just perfectly you!

Melissa Cahoon

very purty!! keep going!


Super excited about your new shop opening soon and the opportunties that await you! It looks adorable already! :-)



I purchased the same popcorn for my carnival soiree today on my blog -- solely for the packaging! The contents turned out to be absolutely wonderful. The only bad part is the contents were gluten free and the rest of the family couldn't keep their hands out of my bag :) So very excited to hear about your shop! I better start saving my money, so I can come shop for some sugary pretties! All the best wishes to you -- you deserve them!




Congratulations on the next step of your journey! The site looks fabulous and does a wonderful job expressing your personality. You have a fan for sure! OPEN! OPEN! OPEN!

Mrs. Kiwtty

It looks fabulous--congrats to you on your next step in the journey--I wish you all the best!! All those ribbons and trims looks perfectly yummy--I'll have to take a little trip over to your Etsy shop.
Smiles, Karen


I LOVE the web site! SO cute, can't wait to visit!


Clever Karen

I have been tempted by those pecan pralines at Trader Joes but haven't bought them. What did you think?


Congrats on your new website. I cannot wait for it to be ready for us to make fun purchases. Love the banner for your website. I am on my way to your etsy shop.


your site is looking sooooo sweet!!!
best wishes on this project!!!


I am taking a spring break trip next month and will be in the vacinity of a Trader Joes and will have to pick some up. The packaging alone is too die for! A good easter present for my bff's.

Andrea Villarreal

I Love your little sneak peek of the website. That is too cute!!! As for Trader Joe's I have to stay out of that store!! Everything is so yummy:)Going over to check out your ETSY goodies!

Jenny Fowler

Congrats Analise - I know it will be great. Your store front just fits! Thanks for sharing all your ideas on encouragement. I hope that is is a success and that this "job" can be a blessing to your family. Have a great weekend!


Hi Analise, I have been a customer at your etsy shop for awhile. I am so pleased to see you will have your own website. I love all your merchandise, and these new trims are just beautiful. Love your new website design as well. Wishing you much success! Hugs, Kathleen

Jenny S

So pretty!! I am about to start an etsy so I am right behind you!!! Good Luck!! Oh I found the best white chocolate covered pretzels at Dollar General the other day!! Yummo!!


Oh my goodness, what a beautiful site and lovely store! I just stumbled on it and can't get enough of your eye candy! I will be a regular for sure.


Agnes :)

paty fontes

so many beautiful ribbons! I love ribbons!!!


Oh your ribbons are delectable. I love the velvet rick rack! I'll keep watching the exchange rate to see if I can order something. Our Canadian dollar is in the tank right now.


Tiffany ~ shabby scraps

OMG! I bought this kettle corn at TJ's last week, solely for the packaging! To my surprise, it was tasty too! What a treat!
having fun crafting for you last night...
xoxo, Tiffany~

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