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February 27, 2009



Hi Analise! I'm with you--I just love the papers and doo-dads you can find with the scrapbook type stuff. They offer so much now in terms of paper crafting. Do you have any special sites or do you do local? I ask because my area doesn't offer much so I order online mostly.
PS. Check out my sweet cones I did with scrapping stuff. www.lavenderlookingglass.blogspot.com


The banner you have created is so beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.


I think these are by far the prettiest banners I have seen. Very inspirational. I am happy to have found your blog


I feel the same way about scrapbooking. No matter what I did I just didn't love my pages. (Of course having all boys doesn't reall fit in with my pretty pink/aqua ways). I gave up and now have a few choice photos in albums and the rest are in phto boxes, sorted, dated and kept out of the hands of greasy little boy fingers. Your banners are so gorgeous! Love them all!!!

Alison Gibbs

Gorgeous banners and I love the book too!!


Love your beautiful creations! thanks for sharing!

Jenni Bowman

Those banners are so cute! Thanks for all of the fun inspiration! You do such a great job.

Jenni B

Lee W.- The Way I See It

Awesome craftiness- way to go. It all looks so yummy.

Cindy Roberts

I love it all! The color combinations just make me SMILE!

Shelley Gomez

Awesome Books! Are you going to make any to sell? Can't wait to hear more! Keep up the awesome work girl!

Love Ya


I swear woman, im thinking were like sisters torn apart. Your like my twin with all of these crafty things. im so glad that i found you and look forward to being inspired all the time. i literally check your blog at least 2 times a day to see if theres a new post from you. keep it up, your wonderful!!!!i made e a banner for her bday. il lhave to add pics to flickr when its done :)


Once again, your blog never fails to disappoint :)
Both banners and book are perfect!

jessi nagy

hey sweets,
i would def call you a paper crafting queen!!!
you are so very talented!!
love your book. cute.
have a fab weekend.

Karla Nathan

Isn't it nice to have all the info together in a pretty way? I'm loving my book! I figured that I make lots of pretty things, then sell them, I ought to make one for me. I'm glad you did too!


Hi- I was wondering where do you find all your inspiring crafts and supplies? They are all so gorgeous. I love your blog! Daisy~


Everything looks so yummy! The banners are delightful. I too loved Karla's Journal, yours is looks like lot's of fun. Have a wonderful Weekend.
Hugs, Diane


You have the best supplies ever!!!

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