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December 12, 2008


Sara's Sweet Surprise

It all started when... I was a little girl and my Pop would take handfuls of tinsel and toss it over the branches and Mom would say "ohhh nooo!" then carefully gather the clumps of tinsel, separating each one while reciting "one strand at a time!" I now find myself speaking out the same instructions for decorating the tree as my mom did.

Sweet Holiday Wishes,

Cheryl Dack

Soooooo many great shots!

Dawn Gold

I know where you are coming come from about being precious over the decorations. I have seen me decorate a tree, not like it and start all over again...I found it so hard to let the kids be involved cos I wanted it to be perfect, now I have let you and we all do it together...
I have 3 kids, one has now left home and from when they were all born I have bought them a special decoration each every year. Now my eldest has left home he has his decorations, all the ones I bought for him to start his tree off, but one with ornaments that are memories....
Thanks for sharing your tree sharing x

Christine Rose Elle

Gorgeous vintage sugar! So pretty!
Sweetest blessings!

Cathy Scalise

Analise, What a stunning collection of yummy pastel ornaments. Just gorgeous. I don't have any kiddies, but I would be doing the same thing if anyone went near my pretty breakable treasures, especially since these break so easily.

Everything is lovely. I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.



Love it all!!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Happy Holidays!!! Love all of your ornaments!!

chas at the wild raspberry

Your stuff is sweet as sugar!

Linda Lilly Cottage

Oh I so know how you feel, for the second year in a row I had to sit on my hands and put on my happy face as my children decorated the tree with whatever ornaments they wanted, their colour theme?? Every colour!!! Gone are the days of colour themes and special new ornaments. They did do a good job I suppose, even if my precious ornaments were hidden at the back, I did do the top of the television cabinet though so I was a tad happier.
Kiss Noises Linda Lilly Cottage.


Looks wonderful! We've settled for a Charlie Brown tree this year since she is 14mos old and into pulling, pushing, climbing! Next year we will be back with a full blown Christmas! Happy Holidays! It's all about family and keeping you and yours happy and sane!


Beautiful bling! I love themed trees, but I can't NOT put up all the old sentimental stuff! I do have a small tree in the entryway that is just gold,silver and crystal in color. In my kitchen, I have a small tree that is birds and berries. I would love to have a white tree with vintage pastel ornaments too!

Natasha Burns

I'm so glad you all got your way in the end. Your pink and sugary decorations are amazing by the way! xo

Maija Lepore

And it's all beautiful, Analise!


Your ornaments are beautiful!! Laurie

Heather~Pretty Petals

Analise.... totally the way to go... give them their own space and you take your own space and everyone is happy happy! lol

I LOVE the GORGEOUSNESS you have in these photos!

xoxo Heather

Sarah Elder

Analise - I am the same way. I gave in and let the boys put up their tree, with all the keepsake ornaments and red and green, santa, etc. I had to take a deep breath and remember that we are making memories here and I needed to relax. But my white tree was specifially mine to do since it has so many vintage and breakable ornaments on it. So far nothing has been broken by a very curious three year old. (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!)


Every year I say "I am not buying anymore" and then the next year somehow, there seems to be MORE! Lol. All of my vintage & breakable ornaments go in the China cabinet or on the tree in my room. The kids have a small tree in their room and we all work on the big tree in the living room. This seems to work so far. I do all my parts at night after they are in bed or while they are school. Otherwise they are just TOO helpful. Lol. But we all get into doing the tree together and their room : ) Love your pretties - I am sure your house looks fab and happy!


I am SOOOOOOOOO loving' this time of year. Snow is predicted for us this weekend.......Squeeeeeeeeallll!!!! Can NOT wait, sweet chickee,

Susan Elliott

I'm glad you caved in. My Mom always got very uptight when we decorated the tree and it wasn't much fun. My Mom once told me that she regretted that she hadn't behaved differently. You were smart to get your fix later.


omg 5 trees , it would take me a month..lol!
Funny story and so true about us moms though, I find myself rearranging and putting the handmade stuff around back of the tree :)
Love all your vintage pretties!
Have a nice weekend!

Lisa Hessabi

You're so funny - and so like me!! I don't have all the pretty vintage things, but I do have a gingerbread village that I adore and was scolding my DD3 about not touching the pieces - mean mama!! I let her play with the little trees and she was happy. I would be so sad if my kidlets only remembered a cranky mom. :o( We live and we learn!! Thanks for sharing your sweet story and for helping to remind us that we can usually find a way to make everyone happy. Five trees, that's amazing!! I bet they are gorgeous (just like the other pics you posted)!!! Happy Friday, Analise!!


5 trees!!! You are my hero Analise!!!


I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one with a lots of bins for Christmas decor. Last time I counted I had 18 bins and 10+ trees (different sizes & different themes).
I lost one of my ornaments a few years ago... a vintage pink indented teardrop that my mother used to put on her tree as a child. I opened the wrapping and it was in pieces... everytime I think about it, it makes me sick. Someday I'll replace it...
Merry Christmas!


Sounds like you found the perfect balance!


Oh, how I adore your eye candy photos! I only have a couple of vintage breakable ornaments and the rest of mine are all plastic so luckily I don't have to worry with my 6 and 4 year old boys! I would have done the same thing if I had lots of pretty vintage ones. Good idea letting them do their own tree. Are we going to get to see photos of your trees when you are done? I would love to! I really want some ornaments like the donut and sugar cookie ones you have- so cute!!


Sounds like much better way to celebrate this holiday cheer!
I am sure your place looks Wonderful! You are very creative!
Hugs, Diane

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I wanted a pink foofy tree but I decided that will wait until I have white hair and live by myself. Ha Ha. Really though...I'm going to Michaels today to see if there are any more pink trees for my bedroom.

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