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October 30, 2008


Claudie Frid

Analise hello from Canada
I just LOVE everything about your creations. They are candy to my eyes this Sat. morning.
Hang in there. Tons of work and I hope you are a huge success at Silva Bella


WOW! Hang in there! I know how you feel. I just finished up my big show last week and I'm still tired today!! Still trying to catch up on orders. I hope it pays off for you in the end :). I hope you have fun at Silver Bella!! Wish I could go. Please take lots of pics for the rest of us!!!

Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

Analise, I was exhausted from just reading what you have been up to. I may need a nap now! Hope all is in order with the computer now. Susan

karla nathan

What a week! But- just think how much more fun Silver Bella week will be in comparison! Your get away is coming soon, and sounds like you need it!

Lisa Hessabi

I hear ya, Analise!! I had a hectic week, too, but yours wins! lol So sorry about your computer problems, but your SB table must have have made you feel lots better! It is GOR-GEEE-US!!!!! I wanted to cry because I'm not going to SB but now wish I was just to see your beautiful table in person!! It is incredible and be sure and take lots of pics to show us sad ones who cannot go!!! Hope you finally got some sleep, sweetie!!


OMGosh.... that is sooo funny, I do the same thing when the computer stops, or the printer decides to grab 3 pieces of paper instead of one. I really enjoy when you try to get something new to work... and it doesn't want to listen to you....yea, so fun!... GOOD TIMES!!!
It's everything in my power not to through the stuff across the room... so the hand comes out.
Good luck... your stuff looks beautiful!

Sara's Sweet Surprise

I know this getting ready for a huge show STRESS. I've been dragging, building, setting up, a vendor table for toooo many years. One evening during my 5or6 hundred melt down I threw a body part of an uncooperative angel across the room. Unfortunately my hubby he was walking through the flight pattern of the projectile. He calmly stopped and said "it may not be PERFECT to you, but it'll be perfect to your customers". "They'll be happy with anything you bring,cause they
appreciate your efforts even if they're not perfect... to you". I can't say I'm never stressed before a show I just don't obsess over the things that won't matter when all is said and done. I've even let my nails go natural not having the salon acrylic finish(for a show) which was a biggie! I don't send appendages from my latest creations across the craftroom anymore. Now if I could get over the habit of waiting till the last minute.... Baby steps,baby steps, LOL!!!

Sweet Wishes,

Wendy @ Pink Slippers

Hope you get rest SOON!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! Now that really was a bad week! But, think of how much fun you'll have getting out of town and going to Silver Bella. Is it ok if I'm a little bit jealous!!


yikes I soo know your pain! lol I swear I didnt think my feet knew what propping up ment anymore! I was soo tired after the hurricane. but I *think* but really am begging on my knees to god to let things be back to normal haha but anywho sending you some of what energy I have stored up! HUGS!!


Laura Ingalls Gunn

Hmmm, your week was eerily similar to mine.
Glad it's over. :)


YOU, my friend, are so funny. :-) Misty and I stayed up until 1 a.m. on Thursday night making cookies and spirit signs for the football game and we were sooooo missing you :-( Can't wait to see pics from SB, sorry you had such a crummy week, wish I could come help! love you.........


Hi there!

Whew! Now I feel exhausted. My kids are grown now, but do I remember those days and always so much to do! Looks like you're doing a great job!

Meadowsweet Days


Oh Analise, I wanna cry too! I corrupted my computer when I first started blogging and about had a meltdown too! No more downloads for me! I use this computer for my job too and so it was a BIG deal! My husband handled it well considering and stayed up to 2 a.m. installing a new hard drive and reloading essential programs for me to be able to work, which I was grateful for! It'll get better now, you've had your fill of surprises! Suzie Button

Jenni B

Hey, you! What a cute blog. I haven't visited before! I'm adding you to my blog list on my blog! It sounds like you had a very hard week! But your table looks so cute for Silver Bella. At least that's going for you! :)

Jenni B


I'm here for you Analise! Your pictures were freaking hilarious though, sorry. Just think, tomorrow is a weekend, you can sleep in, the kids will be in a sugar coma tomorrow too!

Love, Stef

M ^..^


m ^..^


Your table looks awesome...too cute! Wish I could go...:( Hope you sell everything..which I'm sure you will!



There ya go, keep your sense of humor, girl! You'll probably enjoy Silver Bella more than ever now. I hope all you girls take lots of Pics1

~ Hearts ~


Nice to meet you:)
Saw your lovely treasures on Flickr!

Looks like you are a crafting wild woman! lol



You did a great job!! Love your table!! Hope I could go to Silver Bella too!! Little panda, you should take more rest!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Analise... I feel so bad for you sweet girl... and right before silver bella! uggg... I did the same thing with my computer last year... just crashed one day. I hope next week will be a little easier and hopefully you will be able to get lots more done! xoxo heather


Yikes! I thought only stuff like that happened to ME! Your table looks awesome and your parties sound like they were fab!
Hugs and sleepy pillows are needed,


Why does it always happen that way? When it rains it poors!!! Hang in there!! At least you are going to Silver Bella...Wish I was!!! XO Jennifer

jessi nagy

girl you've been busy!!
i can't wait to see that sb table in person.
im getting really excited!!
see ya soon


Wowza!!!!! Your table looks fabulous! My favorite colors: pink and aqua! Can't wait to see it in person. My boys are just like your son - STAR WARS - the littlest one will be a combination of Han Solo, Luke, Obi Wan and Anakin for Hallowwn. Yeah try to figure that one out! :) Sorry to hear your week hasn't gone as planned, but stay positive. It can only get better! Hugs!

Cindy (Junque Art)

You poor thing! I feel for you. I had a computer crash a few years ago too and it's so frustrating! Your table for SB looks fabulouso!!! Wish I could be there to shop! Hugs!


Oh my!! Your table looks spectacular. I was just feeling good about mine...damn. :) That's okay....I hope she does put us near each other....that way I don't have to go far to shop.


I'm sorry for that
I had same problem 7 months ago
and after suffering with Pcs and loosing 3 laptops, I changed for mac, and life now is completly different .
Good luck


Good Luck! Just think of all the fun people you will be seeing at Silver Bella! Wish I could go!! Love looking at all your stuff! Your blog is GREAT!


hi analise!
i'm so sorry
that you had a
week like that!
i have to tell you--
this is such a cute post with your
hands--i can just feel
your total fustration!!!
i know, it's only cute
when weeks like that happen
someone else!
your sb table is the bomb!!!
love it!
wish i could go!
sending you a hug,
karri : )

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