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June 19, 2008



Where have I been I am going to have to get that magazine. I need to get out more.

Maija Lepore

It's a lovely issue and I was thrilled to see your work!


I loved seeing your name and pretties, too! xoxo

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your new little niece is beautiful. Melanie Wilkes was right: The happiest days are when babies come.

Heather Lafter

Your famous!!! How exciting. It is 14.99 for ONE issue??


Congratulations! I'm gonna be out driving all over town to find a copy on Tuesday!!! Can't wait to see it.

Miss Sandy

Congratulations on both accounts, the new niece and the article! I can't wait to get my hands on the new issue.

Vicki S.

Congrats Auntie...I miss ya!! I can't wait for my baby to arrive!!


Your niece is beautiful! And congrats on the magazine feature!!



How exciting Analise - on all counts! Such a sweet baby girl. :)

I have GOT to get my hands on this magazine!! Comgrats on being in it!


Mrs. Kwitty

WOW!! Congratulations on both your big events!! Your new niece is absolutely darling and how exciting to be in Somerset--one of the best mags in the WORLD!! yeah!! I'm proud of you!
Smiles, Karen

Cheryl Dack

Oh Congrats!!!!! You better let me see that magazine! I need to read every word five times and look at all the pretty piccys about 20 times. I'm sooooooooooooo proud of you!!!!! And congrats on the new neice-y, too! She's just darling.

Heidi Woodruff

Congrats on the new baby in your extended family! How precious! AND...I'm so excited to get this next issue of LIFE, (my fav. of the Somersets!), to read and see YOU there...holding your millions...um, I mean, flaunting your lovlies! :) Happy Day...is right!


Two births!? The sweet cheeks baby and your article!!! Congratulations!
Say, I have been MIA for the show and tell Sundays! I must apologize! I love the entire idea! I will get my act together!

With kindness,

Sadie Lou

Congratulations both on your new addition to your family and your recent published work!
Great job!
I have missed our little "once in awhile" talks and was wondering where you have been lately!
Looks like you have been a busy bee just like the rest of us! Great imaginations never sleep and yours is a constant source of inspiration!
Drop me a line when you're not so busy!
~Sadie Lou


Wonderful news. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby niece and having your work published... Kids do say things to bring a smile to our faces :)


karla nathan

Congrats on the magazine, it was so nice to see so many fellow bloggers in it!


Ahhhh, what a precious little new cherub your family has! Please give congratulations to sister & the daddy, too.

Congratulations on the Somerset Magazine, too!! How wonderful is that, Analise?!?!

Will miss you Sunday, but see you soon, I hope!!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents


Congrats on the new niece, who is just adorable! And congrats on Somerset Life too!! Your life is full of blessings!!

Kathi Robinaugh

whoohoo...great news! Can't wait to see the new mag...and congrats on the baby too!


Ooooh CONGRATS Miss Analise! What a true blessing! A beautiful baby neiece and a feature in Somerset! You must be on Cloud 9!!! Congrats sweetie! Enjoy your weekend! XO


Hey Analise!!! Yay about Drew!!! Finally she has a name, I was getting worried that she was going to be "Baby Girl Anderson" forever! ha ha ha Miranda sent me some pictures of Jake and Drew together, sooooo sweet! And I'm happy for Nikky, she needed to have that baby. I kept telling her that Drew was going to be born in time out! ha ha ha Yay for babies!

And YAY for you with the maz-a-gine! I'm so proud of you for turning your passion into something really big! Good for you!



Congrats to your family - what an angel. :)
Super cool on the Somerset mag - I will look for it on the stand (only one place seems to carry them).

Wonders Never Cease

Analise, what a precious little niece. Congratulations, Auntie! She's just perfect.

And another Congrats on the magazine!
I can't wait to see it in person!


Congrats on your cute little niece & Sommerset Life. What a wonderful week to celebrate. I'm already looking forward to owning the new issue.
Take care!


Congratulations!!! Wow...published and a niece all in one week. I can't wait to see the issue. I love your style. I hope great things keep happening for you.

jen duncan

Congrats on all fronts! Tell the kidlets that you're not going to ever become millionaires from being published in a Stampington pub. It's all about the glory there, no $$ to speak of. LOL! The pages look lovely!


How exciiiiitinggggggg for you, sweet little magnolia!!


How lovely. HUGE congrats!!!!
Can't wait to see this issue.


congrats on many fronts analise! First for that gorgeous new baby and second for your beautiful article in Somerset Life! It is my fav mag, and I aspire to be in one day...It's a fabulous accomplishment, give yourself a huge pat on the back! You deserve it!!!
xoxo, TIffany


Congratulations auntie!

I'm going to be an auntie for the first in December and cannot wait!!!

Victoria xxx


Hi Analise!!! Congratulations on your new precious little niece! Babies are such blessings ~ and your sister's baby too, I know you are just loving this time in your lives.....I'm so very proud to be in the magazine as well, what a complete honor and privilege! It's so very nice to meet you and I will have to visit you again!! Wishing you all the best...xxoo, Dawn

Fated Follies Studio

your niece is so cute, congratulations. and congrats on your feature in the magazine. is that you first time? very cool, i like the pictures. enjoy your sweet niece.


Kim V

Congratulations on your new so adorable niece and on being published! The baby is so incredibly perfect! So sweet!



Analise, You have to be on cloud nine after a day like today. A new auntie to a beautiful baby girl and in a magazine. That's worth shouting!!!! Congratulations, love to visit your site.
Have a Blessed Day,


Congrats on the magazine! I can't wait to pick up my copy. xoxo, Joanna


OMgoodness! I want to hold her! She is adorable!! I can't wait for "our" baby! :-) And congrats again on the magazine! Woohoo!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Congratulations on your adorable niece!! And being in Somerset too! When you become that millionaire remember you met me way back when. LOL


Oh the baby is so beautiful I wish I could squeeze her. Congrats on the magazine spread. You deserve it! Kiss the baby for me. I will have to order a copy of the magazine to see your goodies.
Take Care,

The Apron Queen

What a sweet niece! And congrats on the magazine. You've worked hard & you deserve it! :D

Brenda Kula

I think I shall have to go buy that copy. Congratulations! Just sing them the Jed Clampett song, if you're old enough to recall it. I think it goes, "Let me tell ya all a story 'bout a man named Jed. Poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed..." Ha-ha! "Then one day he was lookin' at some..." (can't remember) oh, I think "for some food...and up from the ground came this bubbling crude" (no, I don't think that's quite right...maybe it is. "Oil, that is!"

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