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June 08, 2008


perched on a whim

I love all of your fix me uppers! I just posted a little fix me upper of my own this morning...drop by and take a look if you get a chance...http://perchedonawhim.com/?p=40


I have to tell you, I know exactly where Armstrong and Alluvial is!! My parents and I use to live between Armstrong and Barstow just behind Clovis High!! I will have to tell my Mom to check out your blog! She will love it just as much as I do!
BTW My parents still live in Fresno and my son will be attending High school at clovis west! Next time I'm in town I will drop you a line and maybe we can meet!


Wow, I would have snagged that door too! What a wonderful robin's egg blue.


Love all of your trash to treasure projects. Makes me want to get out my paint! :-)

love you girly!! ....shel


I have that exact telephone table that I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away. It has its original stain on it and looks a little sad! The white its fabulous on it and looks so lovely...I think I might need to go buy some paint!


oh i LOVE that frame...i've been hoping to come across one like that at a yard sale or thrift store but no luck, and that shade of pink is wonderful!!


Your home looks so lovely and inviting. I wish I had the cool things that you do. Come help me!! I love your pink frame. FAB-U-LOUS!!


Stunning Treasures!
Those carved roses are 2-die-4!

miss gracies house

cool stuff! Those bed parts are to die for! I think the pink frame is FUN!
Thanks for the compliments on my home-we do love it!
THANKS again for all of your hard work-I'm enjoying getting to meet new bloggers!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Annalise,
You have some amazing treasures. My favorite is the panel with the flowers and basket, it is wonderful...Thank you so much for hosting Show and Tell Sunday it has been so fun. I have enjoyed meeting new people and visit new blogs...Pinkie Denise


OHMYGOSH!!!! I love, love, love your bright pink frame! Seriously cute! And free, to boot! I have to say, I like hot pink even more than pastel pink...I don't know, it just makes me so happy!
I also love your door over the fireplace idea- definitely gonna have to try that one!

Christa from Chloe Rose


Thank you for hosting a wonderful "Trash to Treasure". This was my first time participating and I loved visiting everyone's blogs for the ideas and inspiration. I love your frames...they are beautiful.

Smiles -

Chloe Rose


Hi, found your blog recently, and would like to participate in this fun game.... do I still have time, do you do this every weekend, how can I found out that you will be showcasing, etc etc...??? :)


Heidi Woodruff

Great trash-t-treasures! Fun to paint things white...I'm in that club, too!
Thanks for hosting again!


You are a girl after my own heart! LOVE all your finds. Too funny about your sister in law telling you to cool it with the white paint.LOL!!! Thank you for hosting this week! Happy Day!


Hi Analise! That chippy door, that pink poodle sewing basket, THAT FRAME!!! Oh how I love it all! I think I could just walk into your house, close my eyes & pick anything & it would be right at home with me here in my own house. We definitely like the same stuff!!

BTW, I put in a special order for a "delight" sign from Kari after seeing your cute Sweet Shop sign! Should be here in about a week!:0)

Angelic Accents

Alison Gibbs

Wow you have some great 'trash'
Love what you did with the wardrobe and the old frame.

Holly Abston

I need to come to your cleanup days, girl! That frame ROCKS in that shocking pink color, totally fabulous. xo


Wonderful stuff! I think I enjoy the commentary as much as the great finds. Both priceless!

Heather~ Pretty Petals

oh my!!! your treasures are just SO awesome and that door that your family brough to you on the car is just the BEST! Loved seeing your treasures.... :)

I did a little post trash to treasure post today too, thanks for hosting! xo Heather


Hi Analise! I decided to play along this week too. Please add me to your list. I love all your treasures! If it were up to me my whole house would be repurposed and spray painted trash, but my hubby just doesn't GET IT! Oh well...


Hi Analise! I love all of your treasures. My car can never pass by a yard sale or something on the side of the road (much to the horror of my teenage son). My favorite is the pink frame. Take care and have a fun Sunday! Di

Brenda Kula

All your "treasures" are quite lovely! But that frame is priceless! I just love junk!


Love it all!!! The frame is great!!!


Oh girl..you have some AWESOME
and I love what you do with them.

I use to go to the curbs when
we lived in the city.. I sure
miss my finds.

the treasures you can find in
a trash heap

Once it was a wicker table
once a JILLION pussy willow limbs

smiles, Deena


love the rambling and love the pink frame - so great!

susans at black eyed susans kitchen

Analise...great trash! You know its good when I look three times, swoon once or twice, and then decide that there is something worth copying! This was a great idea. Susan

Dede Warren

Ok, I just decided to play along, and posted my trash to treasure. Take a peek and what a little time, love, and tenderness can do to transform a couple of worn out dressers...


Hi Analise
Can you add me? I put a post up on Friday that seems like it fits with trash-to-treasure.


What lovely treasures!


I shall be looking in the dumpsters for a frame for sure now!! Drab to Fab???? You betcha, sweet cherub!!!!!!! WOW~~~~~~~~

Dede Warren

That PINK frame ROCKS!!! Totally coolio update! Reminds me of one Sandra Evertson shared a few months ago. Bravo smart girl for grabbin that trash and recycling it.

Lynn @ The Rose Cottage

Hi Analise, you have some amazing pieces of trash :) Now treasures of course. I love the door idea above the mantle, great one, and wardrobe is to die for..


Oooooooh, that bed frame! OMG! You seriously scored with that one! I wish I could find more "junk" like that. (I've been meaning to find out when "trash day" is in the more ritzy neighborhoods and go for a drive then! Why do I never do this?)

The frame is to die for! I can't believe they threw it away just because the crappy painting was torn! ROFL


The inventor of spray paint was a genius! Wonderful treasures Analise.


I love your cabinet! And the way that you filled it =) Blessings... POlly

Kim Vagasky

I really love your pink frame! Great job!

Happy treasure hunting!



Gorgeous stuff!!! I love everything, the headboard, your wardrobe, your moodboard....oh and did I mention the door?!? Thanks for sharing!

Deanna Huggard

Oh how I love your Trash to Treasure. Please add my name to the list. I sent a comment earlier in the week to be added and maybe it did not make it's way through. I hope this one does. I have all my Trash to Treasure posted. Yours are beautiful. The cabinet you found and redid and added material to the front doors. I just love it and want it!!!! Blessings


Please include me in this weeks show and tell. Thank You,


Hi Analise,
Have to tell you...
YOU ARE MY HERO! Wowsa! ..... from drab to fab.... in 15 minutes... THAT IS MY KINDA FIX! heehaoaoaoo LOVELOVELOVE it all! And,... you are gonna probably feel pressured, BUT.... BECAUSE you ALWAYS deliver-- I COME TO EXPECT this out of you! :) Don't ever stop doing what you do or I will be heartsick... Your pictures, words... and "Analise-touch" brings sunshine to my day. Thanks so much!


I love every piece, Analise! It takes a certain eye (or insanity!) to see this kind of potential, doesn't it? Thanks so much for hosting!


Good Morning Analise, That head board with the raised roses is to die for!!!! I love all your pieces. I carry rope, blankets and boxes in the back of my car (just in case!). Gotta be ready!

Karen at Ciderantiques


Love the door over the fireplace and the bed frame is to die 4. The fabric for the wardrobe is beautiful. Your sister and my sister should get together because my sister tells me the same thing about my white paint so I just tell her its a good thing you don't live at my house (hahaha). I just notice that when you click on my name it doesn't link to me could you please check it out for me I must have done something wrong. Thank you for hosting this week and for sharing your Beautiful treasures!!



Great trash:) Rachael

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