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May 25, 2008


Barbara Logan

How funny, I'm in Clovis. As you're in the neighborhood, I have a question...any hot tips on where (and when) to thrift locally? Perusing your blog, you seem to have great luck. Mine...not so good!
Hope you had a nice vacation. Back just in time for more heat!
Thank you! Barb


Your dishes are lovely and perfectly suit you. The story behind them is lovlier still. He knows you and what you love - that is a good thing.


Amazing story and beautiful, beautiful set. Lucky you!


The dishes are amazing!!! How lucky are you. SOOOO PRETTY!

Cindy Roberts

Gorgeous china! Sorry I missed this Show and Tell Sunday, but I had fun browsing at all the amazing patterns!


This is my first experience visiting an official Show-and-Tell Sunday! If I can get my act together, I'd love to participate. So, making sure I "get it," we let someone (you? someone else) know if we're "in" for a given week, we post the icon on our blog and show (and tell) whatever the topic is, right? And it goes up on a Sunday? (or maybe the day before?)

Please let me know! I'd like to play!


Analise...btw I love that name! Thanks so much for having me in my 1st show n tell. I really enjoyed myself and loved getting the comments from everyone. I also had a blast purusing all of the other very wonderful ladies blogs out there in blogland! Can't wait to see what the next one is.

Hope you feel better soon!


Lucky find - the china, of course, and that husband!


THAT was the best china story I read ...and surely beautiful too...I'd never part with them!


Wow, wow, wow, he found you a complete set of Spode china for that price??? Amazing!! and they are one of the most beautiful sets I have ever seen, that is a great story :)

Denise Fontaine

Thank you for lovely party and I met some new friends! Sundays are hard for me! PS Your china is so soft and lovely,beautiful photos! Hugs Denise


wow great collection!


Hi again, Analise...I just listed a post for Show and Tell Sunday/China...Would you mind adding me to your list? Thanks so much, Katie

Michele (Luvkitty)

Wisdom teeth surgery pain....the worst!!! Sorry to hear you're suffering so much! I remember when I had mine taken out, they all ended up infected because they didn't give me the little cleaning water squirt thing that they were apparantly supposed to give me. I was in so much pain that I would cry whenever anyone walked in the room and looked at me. It was horrible so I hope you are feeling much better very soon!

Now, about that china. It is simply stunningly gorgeous!! It's really breathtaking, and the story about how you got it was great!!

[email protected]


Oh, what a guy!! And what a great story! I adore your dishes, they are soooo beautiful. Sign me up for show and tell next week, please!
Love, Tammy


Hope you feel better soon. What a nice story and such a find! Last time we moved I hand carried some of my blue and white but the collection has grown so much over time I might have to make some cuts if I moved again. Ow..that hurt just to type that!

The Paper Peddler

Love it, LOVE IT ALL!! What a great story too! So funny but right where you typed "Smile" I found that I was actually smiling :) Love happy stories! My husband does the same kind of stuff. Anyway, I'm sorry I forgot to get my pictures up. We had a HUGE party today for my husband and daughter (they have the same birthday) I am waiting for my camera to charge AGAIN and then I will be posting some pics but I am oh so jealous of your beautiful dishes!!! Thanks for sharing with us! Liz

Lisa B.


What awesome china! And what a great story!! I feel exactly the same with my husband bringing stuff home....I just have to hold my breath...'cause you just never know!

I just got back from an antique show and should have posted my Sunday show and tell before I left on Saturday morning. I thought I had WiFi where I was...not. So, I hope this is a case of better late than never. If you could ad this to the link list I would so appreciate it...I just put my post up. And...I'm having a giveaway that's part of the post too. So, I hope you can add me and that I haven't missed all the traffic. I'll be reading everyones posts tomorrow.

As always, thanks for your great hostessing (is that a word?)!

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Spode-tacular! Okay, forgive me! Gorgeous collection.


GREAT story Analise! I laughed out loud, and then read it to my husband. He said he and your husband would get along great. :0)
What a fantastic find! They are just stunning!! I can't believe they were only $35!!
Ugh, I hope your mouth feels better soon. I had LOTS of problems when I had mine pulled too, but I didn't want to tell you about that in advance. Didn't want to scare you. Believe me though, when I went back for my final check, I let the dentist know had he not taken all 4 at once, he NEVER would have gotten the other 2.
Cerri xo

miss gracies house

Very pretty...and a great story, too!
I'd like to join in the fun!


wow, that is a beautiful set! Spodes are expensive but for $35.. that is awesome find!

thank you for letting me join your show & tell and also for coming to my page :-) Feel better soon


score!!! what a good hubby to bring those beauties home to you:)
feel better soon!!!


Hi Analise! Wow, don't you just love that Spode china!!??!! AND your DH!!!!

Sweetie, take good care of yourself & feel better soon!

Thanks for hosting an awesome Show & Tell!

Angelic Accents


Ha Ha, great story and what a find! I do so know about the cabinet above the fridge! So sorry about your teeth, I had the 4 taken out at once and got an infection and the big fat face - ouch! It should be classed as major surgery! One of these days I will get to play show and tell cos believe me I have lots of everything! If you are up to it I am having a party and would love you to come along:) Rachael


Wow!! That china is gorgeous!


Your husband is a keeper! GORGEOUS dishes!!! Beautiful pictures too :)

Kentucky Bound

I am speechless! Your husband deserves an award for bringing home THAT rummage sale find!


karla nathan

Your plates are GORGEOUS. And this is yet another good topic!

karla nathan

Thanks for the fun topic! I have joined in too.



Hi Analise...Those dishes are incredibly beautiful, and what a price!!! (Good job, hubby)...I have many dreams about things like that happening...One of the dreams I have most often is that this sweet little elderly lady is selling all of her beautiful vintage things for next to nothing, and I'm the only customer! (I shouldn't take advantage of the sweet lady, but I do, and I buy it all!!)...I enjoyed your post...Thanks, Katie


Analise. You crack me up! What a great story. I love the part about hiding stuff in the shelf for regifting later. You have a great guy. My hubby is like that too and actually went garage sale shopping with me yesterday since my bf was out of town. Sorry about the face swelling. It will go down soon! Take care. Di


Wow - you and Cerri have some great hubbies! It's a lovely set. Hope you're feeling better soon!


OMG Analise! What a gorgeous set you have!!! And a great story to go along with it! Hope you get to feeling better soon.


What a lovely show and tell. I enjoyed seeing your very pretty china and spent the best part of the Sunday afternoon looking at the other blogs.

Thanks, Anja

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Wow! What an amazing score! Your hubby did good!! That china is beautiful!

Heidi Woodruff

Amazing! This gorgeous Spode set for $35! My mother's china set is Spode, and someday I want to own a set! You are so lucky to have this set...even more blessed to have a hubby like that! One time I saw a set of Spode (somewhat like your set) at an antique shop. I wanted it SO BAD!! But I could not afford it, as it was $400, which was even then underpriced! Good story, lovely set, I loved it all!!!


Love the story Analise! Beautiful dishes too, they mean even more since your hubby found them!
Please add me as a link for S&T too, my post is already up.
xo, Tiffany


Spode !!!! A Spode teacup is worth more than $35.00. Wooo Weee Girlie ~ your hubby did well that day! I thought my set of 40 pieces for $40 was a good deal. My set is un-marked Nippon. It just says hand painted on the bottom.

Good thing I wasn't at that church sale. I would have looked like an old bridesmaid going for the bouquet toss, if I had been there LOL.

Enjoy your weekend.

~ Karen at Ciderantiques

mary ann

wow, what a fantastic story analisa!!!! don't you just love when hubbies are so wicked THOUGHTFUL?!!!!

yeah, *sugar* sugar* alright!!! lol!!!

a lot of my stuff is still boxed up from when we moved from maine to cheeseland 5 yrs ago STILL!!! but, i've got some others that i was able to share today.

have a great memorial weekend!!!!

xoxo mary ann


Wow - Jeff gets a gold star for this one. That set is sooo fabulous. Hope you feel better Ms Chubby Cheeks! Great post. Nancy


What a fun story...priceless. Just like the beautiful china. Thank you for hosting this event! I'm new to "blogland" and by visiting all the links in your post I've struck gold in discovering some wonderful blogs. Love your sense of humor...


Love the story and such gorgeous china! Love it!


Oh your china is breathtaking!! I love violets. What a great find!! Praying for you this week. And don't feel bad - some of us have chubby cheeks without the dry socket ;) Blessings... POlly

Jessi Nagy

what an amazing set of china. so gorgeous.
what a fab find!! godd hubby!


I like the challenge so much that I also made a post of it at my blog.
What a beautiful china you have I need a lot of time to see all pictures.
Nice challenge thank you.
Greetings from Holland


Analise, those are the most beautiful dishes I have ever seen. What a treasure. Having a table set with those would be gorgeous.
Dry Socket! Been there, done that. Unbelievable pain. Stick with the pain meds, they work wonders, don't they!


ANALISE!!!! OH MY HEAVENS!!!! Your china is GORGEOUS!!!!! WOW! I cant believe your hubby paid $35!!! CHA-CHING! JACKPOT! Absolutely breathtaking set. Your photographs of your place setting is truly beautiful!!!!
OUCH! Im sooo sorry you developed dry socket. Oh I hope your swelling goes down FAST!!!! Hang in their sweetie!!! Thanks for hosting such a WONDERFUL Sunday Show and Tell!!! XO


OMG!!! Those are just Beautiful!!! A whole set for $35.00. The story about your husband I know what your talking about my husband is the same way. Gotta love those pain pills hope you feel better soon. Thanks so much for hosting this week.


Alison Gibbs

Oh Analise you poor thing. How painful.
How clever is Jeff???? Mmmm very clever to get that china for $35.
So pretty. Alison

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