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May 19, 2008


Denise Fontaine

oh pooh! I missed last Sunday was such a nice beach day and too hot in my bugalow! I live steps to beach but have not been for 7 years because of CFDS and in bed !! Hugs Denise


Your china is GORGEOUS! I just posted a few pics of my china here:


Heather~ Pretty Petals

Hi Analise!! I LOVE those gorgoeus dishes oh my!!!!!!! the colors are just soooo yummy!

I did a little post today to play along. :)) xoxo Heather

Kay Phillips

how pretty!!! I knew they were Spode before you mentioned the name, my mother has Spode, Chelsea Garden set for 12. I'm hoping I inherit them some day.


Beautiful, beautiful china and what a great story! xo, suzy


My post is up and ready with a easy "craft" to share! I can't wait to start viewing everyone's pretties -- such an especially fun theme this week. Thanks for hosting!




Hi Analise~my post just went up after midnight, since I will be at church early in the morning! Can't wait to see everyone's pretties later Sunday afternoon & evening!

Angelic Accents


I'll be joining in this Sunday, Analise. My post will probably go up about midnight central time on Saturday as I have work Sunday morning. Looks like a big group this week as I'm coming in late and had to scroll and scroll down this list! Carla


Thanks again for hosting this! I'll have my post up on Sunday!


Hi Analise. I thought I'd replied to this but didn't see it. Please add me in to this weeks Show and Tell for the pretty china. Take care. Di @ http://mammabeesattic.blogspot.com/


Hi Analise,
I am all set, my post is up. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for playing hostess.


Hi Analise - Count me in. I loooove china! Cant wait to see everyones things! Nancy


Miss Rhea

Yay !! I am FINALLY playing along. :) I look with envy every week at all of the pretties and this week I am caught up enough to show my own goodies !! Thanks so much Analise !! :)

Kristin Seling

Please add me for Sunday....thanks for hosting. Hope you are feeling better now!! Kristin


I'm in!


Please count me in too. I don't have much but I would like to show what I have.



I'm in! :)


Hi Analise!
You were recommended to me because of your Show N Tell Sundays, so that is how I found you...I just did a blog on all of my china yesterday and another gal mentioned that I should join in on the fun! So I would love to participate if I could...I might have to take more pictures of other goodies I have...OH My...this sounds like so much fun! Is there anything else you need to do?

Thanks and have a blessed day! Lorena


Hi, I have never played in a show and tell sunday yet, so would love to join in this one xxx


WONDERFUL!!!! Count me in!!!! :) XOXOXO Jenn


please sign me in


Please add me to your list for Show and Tell Sunday, May 25th.

Thanks a bunch,

karen benson

I would love to participate! Please count me in for Sunday! Still lovin your blog!
karen b...


Hello! I just bought some pretties over at your shop yesterday and thoght today that I would have a look-see at your blog. It is just as sweet and pretty as all the lovely colored things that you show at your shop. I think I'll add your blog to my list of blogs I like to visit.:)
Have a great day!


Hi Analise,

My favorite subject! Please add me to the list :)


Denise Fontaine

Hi Sounds like fun I have posted a couple things! Let me blow the dust off ! Thank You! Denise Mass.


My collection is small, but I would love to share it with others in blogland.

Denise Fontaine

Beautiful..I have some too what is this sunday's..could not open your blog?


This sounds really great! I'll show my things too! www.myeverydaythings.blogspot.com
See you sunday!
Greetings, Elly

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Hi Analise! I hope you're feeling better now! I keep thinking that maybe I should sit out a Show and Tell because maybe, just maybe, I have too many collections. But, I'll do a little showing off again this week. Shame on me!


Hi Analise
I'm in. I have some family pieces to share.
Thanks for hosting.


Hi Analise~
Please add my name to the list...I have a pretty china set from my great Aunt.

Pippa Joyce

What a BEAUTIFUL blog! I found it via Artsy Mama. There's nothing like a pretty blog! Pippa x

Sarah Keith

oh fun! I'll be sharing! Can't wait to see everyone's pretties!

M  (Tales From an OC Cottage)

Count me in!!!!!!!!!! Yipee! I'll go start dusting!

M ^..^

mary ann

hi analise!

count me in...this is soooooooooo right up my alley, lol!

xo mary ann


Hello Analise, Yes, I would love to participate on May 25th. Thanks again for hosting.

Karen at Ciderantiques


Oh, yes...I definitely have a weakness (some might call it addiction!) for china. So, sign me up for May 25's show & tell Sunday!


This one is right up my alley! Can't wait, count me in!


Hi Analise, I would love to do this! How fun. Please add me to the list. Do we contact you again or just put pic's on our own blog? This is my first time, but I cant' wait!!


I would like to share!
Have a beautiful day,


I would love to participate (for the first time - I might add!) :)

Now, just which piece of china is my favourite? Hard to tell...

The Paper Peddler

OOOOH! This sounds like great fun! I have never done this before but I have a sweet little set that I would love to show off! Please include me this Sunday! Thanks! Liz


this sounds fun & count me, am so excited with this show & tell :-)

Sarah B.

Right up my alley AND I have time to take pictures this weekend! Thanks! :)

Deanna Huggard

I would LOVE to take part in this week's Show and Tell Sunday. Please add my name. I can't wait!!!!! :) :0 :0 :)Tea Cups and Silver and Crystal, I love it all. See you on Sunday!!!!!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Analise,
This is probably my favorite topic so far. I can't wait please count me in http://pinkpomegranate.typepad.com/
Pinkie Denise


Hi Analise! This one will be such fun! I'll start making my pics today! Please add me to the list of this Sunday's participants!

BTW, your closeup shot is yummy ~ can't wait to see more of your china, too!

Angelic Accents


How perfectly photographed and delightfully pretty! I wish I could join you but my china hasn't come to live with me yet - my mother still has it at home - I just have to find out how to ship it overseas! In the meanwhile I can ohh and ahh over yours!
-Emily in Norway


I think blogger ate my comment so if you get 2, I apologize. =) Can't wait to participate! Blessings... Polly

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