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May 18, 2008



Oh I've just found your linens..wonderful I could eat them! Susannah x


Fantastic idea and beautiful works. Regards from Spain

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I hope you're over the wisdom teeth surgery by now. I love your bags. Do you have instructions or tutorial for making them?

Denise Fontaine

Beautiful linens so comfy looking! I posted china although I am late! I have been getting PT..I call it 'physical torture'! Takes me days to recover.."ouch" Beautiful blog and pretties!! xxoo Denise Nantasket Beach,Mass.


What a lovely collection of linens! I especially love the totes you make!

I'm excited about this weeks Show N Tell! Silver & China are my absolute favs!

Please stop by my Friday Flea Market if you get a chance!

Angelic Accents

Kristin Seling

Your bags are gorgeous and really unique, I love them!! Also, I hope your surgery went well...I had that done as an adult too...yuck!! Sent up a prayer for ya!! Kristin

Mrs. Kwitty

What a beautiful collection of vintage doilies (which i just love too!) and linens. I really enjoy the way you keep them in a lovely old pie safe and arranged by color--such a cute display! The bags you made are just so cute!

(good luck with the surgery--ouch!)
Smiles, Karen


Your color-coded collection looks so pretty in that pie safe. What a great gift! The ruffled totes are so cute--love the aqua one. I think I recognize some of those sheet patterns from my childhood.

Heather~ Pretty Petals

Hi Analise... LOVIN all those gorgoeus linens girl!!!

Hope your wisdom teeth came out ok and you aren't in toooo much pain. xoxo Heather

Sadie Lou

Oh my goodness--such pretty pictures!
I have to have my wisdom teeth out too--was it awful?
Be honest. I heard recovery is a bear.


Analise, your linens are so pretty! Love the adorable totes, and thumbs up on that husband for purchasing such a wonderful gift!!! No time to participate this week, but I am enjoying seeing all the pretty linens from other bloggers. Good luck on your wisdom teeth extraction!!!


What a lovely collection of vintage linens. I especially liked the little round doilies with the very simple tatted edge on them...so what if some of them are grandma-ish...there's nothing wrong with getting in touch with your "Inner Grandma" I say!!!LOL! Beside, vintage is so "IN" right now, anyway.


Beautiful linens, beautifully arranged in the cabinet:) Rachael


Oh gosh!! I just love your tote bag!! They are all adorable!! Hope I could have one!! And also hope you will not feel "pain" after the surgery!! Good luck!!


Good Luck with your Dental Surgery. You will be up and about in just a couple days, I promise I was a Dental Asst. in my past life. Oh the pie Safe is darling!
Hugs, Diane


Hey Analise~ I would love to know what the topic will be for next week. I hope your appt goes well.

Betty Jo

What a scrumptious blog you have here! I adore your linen collections and the tote bags you make. Gorgeous! I wish you well tomorrow. My precious DIL just had hers out last month. Hope you don't mind if I link you on my new blog. xoxo

Alison Gibbs

OMG I just re-read my comment. I meant your Totes are gorgeous not your toes.
Maybe they are I've never seen them!!!!LOL

Alison Gibbs

What a wonderful way to use your vintage linen - your toes are gorgeous.
Ouch!!!!! Good luck with the dentist


Good luck tommorrow. I'll be thinking of you.
Your collection is wonderful. Your husband is a doll for getting you that pie safe! I LOVE the totes. I'm a complete bag freak & yours are adorable.
Thanks for sharing. I'm working on my post right now :)


Analise, your collection is gorgeous!!! and your pie safe looks delightful all chock full of your pretty linens:) love the bags you make with your collection, they are so sweet!!! good luck with your wisdom teeth removal!!!


Hey, I have one of those darling bags! Clear back from when you first opened your shop! :0) I saw a wide tote bag in one of those photos (no ruffles I think)...do you make those too? I need a big ol' wide tote bag. :0)
Beautiful linens, all organized by color. *sigh*. Makes a girl like me real happy.

Yuck for having to have your teeth pulled tomorrow! I don't I know too many people who still have those babies in their 30's! I had all of mine pulled when I was 18. Best wishes to you, I'll be thinking of you!

I think my 14 year old is starting to get her wisdom teeth. Isn't that crazy?
Much love,
Cerri xoxo


Ohhh! I love the look of all the stacked up linens - so yummy! Hope you have a good nap tomorrow :-)

Heidi Woodruff

I love your storage of linens, in a vintage pie safe! I'd love to have one! And your totes are so pretty and cheerful! Hope all goes well for you tomorrow! (Milkshakes for week afterwards is what I suggest!!!)

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Your pillowcases and sheets color-coded in your Mom's Day cabinet puts me over the edge. OH MY!!! Gorgeous. And the bag you made: EVEN BETTER!

And good luck manana. I don't envy you. Had mine done at 18. It the 21st anniversary of my removal. I'm gonna celebrate I think. And say special prayers for you that your recover quickly. Take care.


I love the pie safe, my linens are stacked in a vintage cloths hamper, which sounds so unromantic. I would love to get them out to photo them today, but that might mean ironing, yuck! I want a pie safe, so I can see what I have. Love the color organized stacks, and the totes are great. Have you thought about doing a tutorial on the tote?
About the wisdom teeth, my daughter had hers taken out, nappy nappy for her too, and we went to Wally World that night. I hope that your experience is as good as hers. For me, i was too cheap to pay to be put to sleep, and I got to here him break a tooth, and dig it out, yuck! Nappy Nappy, is the way to go!!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! I want to come over and sift through that cabinet. What time is your surgery?! LOL Good luck. Remember, pain killers are your friend!


Hey Analise, it's me Stef! I love your blog! And you posted a picture of the tote bag that I bought from you, which I love and use every day!!! So pretty. Good luck tomorrow on the wisdom teeth. I had one pulled a couple of months ago and I was fully awake, it didn't hurt at all when it came out, it didn't even make a funny sound. And there wasn't much pain afterwards, I took Advil once or twice, that was it. The good part is the liquid diet afterwards, known as milkshakes! ha ha ha

Love, Stef

tiffany~shabbys scraps

analise, I LOVE your vintage linen totes! I need to have you make me one! you are sooo talented!!! Love it all!
xo, tiffany

Jessi Nagy

O my goodness!!
i just knew you were going to hab a fab post today!
everything id gorgeous!!
love love the chicken wire cupboard. darling.

Maija Lepore

I LOVE what you have done with your linens!
Best of luck on your surgery- I hope you heal very fast!


I was going to agree that yep, you ARE spoiled but then you said that thing about the surgery =)

You have such a great collection! I love that pink satin doiley with the green crochet! And your cabinet for storage... and that they're separated by colors... yikes, I'm gonna start drooling. Oh no, wait, that's what you'll be doing tomorrow.

Seriously, I'll be praying that it'll go easy and that you'll be comfortable. Blessings... Polly


such cute bags! and good luck with the surgery!


Your linen's are just beautiful!!! I love your pie safe ( what a wonderful husband you have). BRAVO!!! on making such wonderful Bag's with your linen's. Thank you for sharing them. Good luck with tomorrow.


Suzanne Duda

Gorgeous (organized!)linens :)...good luck with surgery tomorrow.


You have a beautiful collection. I love, love your beautiful bags you made. Even though you are spoiled I still like you. You poor thing good luck tomorrow. I will think of you. I have a huge dentist phobia that is a bit out of hand. Good luck and please don't make anything out of your pulled teeth. I'm sorry I had to add some humor in there cause I'm getting nervious for you.


Analise, beautiful stuff! Good luck with the teeth.... it'll be over before you know it!


Yikes...good luck tomorrow!!!
Love this post. Your linens are gorgeous. Wow!!! I adore your bags.

Lili M.

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow too!

And when it hurts remember this:

I didn't have my wisdom teeth removed. One morning I woke up with a swollen jaw. Like your shoulder grows right into your head and you don't have a neck. See the picture? Not nice. But the pain was worse. Everything was so swollen I could hardly open my mouth. At that point the dentist couldn't do anything and neither could the the man we call a jaw surgeon in hospital, while the anastheatics don't work when you are having an inflamation. After a sleepless painful week I almost begged to have my wisdom tooth (yep you guessed right) removed and finally the surgeon did with anaestatics that didn't work and yes that hurt but when the little b***&% left my mouth it all went better.

I do hope you don't have to think of me tomorrow, good luck!


Good luck tomorrow!

Victoria x

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