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May 04, 2008


Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

We once made a roadtrip to Clovis when we were in Lubbock for grad school. It's been a few years since then... Looks like I'd love to go back!


OOoOO Shopping where you are at loooks amazing..No wonder it's you favourite! Love that aqua perfume decanter!

Jaime Compton

Looks like you had so much fun at DisneyLand. I love going there. We live near Disney World and try to go as often as we can.


Thanks for hosting such a fun show and tell! It was my first, and I've already met some great new friends. Hope your birthday was a blessed one. I think of you often every time I see the cupcake tin you made for Baby Coe hanging on the wall.

All the best,



great pics! I hope you had a wonderful bday!!! xo Britt

jen duncan

So glad you had a fun birthday. I've been on that street, too. My mom's fav quilt shop is there. :-) Small world we live in, huh?


Gorgeous photos Analise!
~Cerri xo

Lisa B.

What a lovely street and shop! Hope your kids are feeling better soon!!

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I love that store too! A lady used to sell buttons 10/1.00 in there but I noticed she doesn't have them any more. Their prices are a little bit high but I love the way people have their shops set up.
I hope your kiddos are better soon. Maybe we can sneak away and go shop together soon.


The pictures say it all. Everything looks wonderful. I am ready to shop.

from my cherry heart

Ouuuu what a wonderful place to shop and get away from it all!

I can see lots of goodies I would love to take home with me!
Thanks for sharing!

Hugz, Dolly

P.S. Thank you bunches and bunches for the sugarey sweet box of treasures! I love it!!!!


You have a great place to shop lots of nice things there!!! I hope your kids feel better soon!!!
Thank you so much for starting this group with Cerri.



Gorgeous photos ! I loooove those white dresses. Very pretty.

Karen at Ciderantiques

Alison Gibbs

Happy Birthday.
Hope the kids are feeling better.
Looks like a great place to shop


Happy Birthday! I've been in that shop...my sister lives in Fresno so we often go to Clovis to browse/shop. I found some vintage bluebirds in one of the shops last year that make me smile. And, love that quilt shop - they have a much bigger selection than this one in my area (Beverly's in Visalia is another fave).


So sorry to hear that the kiddos are not well. Hope you could enjoy your company. Can't wait until your next blog entry!! That looks like such a wonderful place to shop! I spied lots of goodies in your pics that I would love!!
A BIG thank you to you and Cerri for the Show and Tell Sundays. I am SO enjoying them!!

Hugs and Blessings,

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