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May 28, 2008



Oh you poor thing Analise! My wisdom tooth extraction went smoothly without incident, but I have had several friends who had complications like yours. My daughter is due to have hers removed this summer and we both are dreading it...she probably more than me. Take care and I hope you are feeling better soon!
P.S.I loved seeing all your organizational ideas...very lovely!


Thought I would check in and see how you are doing. Hang in there. The things you made are gorgeous as usual. Hope you feel better soon. You deserve to whine so go for it. Take care


Sounds like a drag!! I sure hope you're feeling better soon...I'm going in for visit one of two, for a root canal on Wednesday...I guess it's better than the dentistry they had two hundred years ago, but it's still not fun!...Take care, Katie


You have a right to be whiney!!! You poor thing. I know that can be really painful. The pics are so cute. Great colors, as always.


Well, it's hard to be creative and inspired when your teeth hurt -- that sort of makes everything hurt! But the images you posted are lovely, so something's clicking somewhere!

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

Hi Analise, I actually came over to your blog to see if you were writing anything about your Somerset Life projects. I've been struggling too! I think maybe we need a Bonnes Vivante support group!

But rest assured, your finished projects are beautiful as always!

I hope you're feeling better soon. A week off sounds like a great idea. Maybe not in the hospital tho!


Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

I'm thinking dry socket would suck the life out of most people. It's so much worse when you're an adult. That and having your tonsils removed. Hang in there. It's all downhill now.


Whaaa!Whaaaa! I'll join you in a little whine fest. I have had a yucky week with a bad cold, but your site has cheered my days and inspired me to create, create, create! I LOVE SugarSugar!
Thanks for the beautiful work and the inspiration just when I needed it!


Hi Analise. When we get run down, tired, or sick, our perspective is out-of-wack. Your items are beautiful! You just need some rest and self-nurturing. Take a long nap or get a massage. You deserve it! We are usually the last person that ever gives ourselves a break. Take care. Di


Big hugs your way!!! Although not cmpletely the same.....I've been sick and dragging also. I do the same thing as you late at night when inspiration seems to have dries up and I feel as artistic as my 3 year old. Nothing like a night's rest to see things differently! Take care!!!


Hi Leesiebella,

I'd like to give 'Show and Tell Sunday' a try too, maybe you can let me in on some details? Is there another one planned for next sunday?

Hope 2 hear from you soon.
Bye, Anja

vintage flair

I have to say I thought the last round of challenges were really difficult...didn't you? Normally I get inspired right away but I had to think about them for a bit to get my creative juices going. I feel you pain on the teeth. I got all four taken out at once. I hate the dentist. Take care, lori


Oh Analise, I'm sending you big ol' TX sized hugs! Hope you will soon be feeling better. Gosh, you create beautimous-ness even when you feel icky!! Love all your pretty pictures today!

Big Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Kristin Seling

Hugs from me down here in SOuthern California...almost a neighbor in blog land.:0) My hubby had his out last year and was good at about 2 weeks after the procedure. He went in as many times as you have too! BTW, I hope the cute things you posted aren't the "ugly" things you referred to because all the things you posted are wonderful and whimsical!! I love the clear ornament you filled with lovlies!! So, hang in there....you are almost done with this!! Luv, Kristin

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Awww...I've had days like that. Christy and I were saying we need to go see Sex and the City. We could make it a girl's day out.

kim hesson

the dentist is my least favorite place to be! yuck! i'm loving your creations though. i was thinking i was the only one that had those thoughts at 2:39 in the morning! glad to know i'm not alone!


I think all the things you make are so lovely! Get well soon--once you're feeling better, everything will look great again.


We've all hit that point. It's that inevitable ebb and flow. Some (you) are creative & inspiring most of time and some (me) have a sudden inspiration. =) You'll be back to yourself in no time.

Teeth pain is some of the worst pain, I think. Just makes your whole head hurt. I'm praying with you for recovery. Blessings... Polly (p.s. do you know what the next show and tell is?)

Maija Lepore

I know your pain- when I had a dry socket, I took a pain pill and washed down with a beer! Of course I was about 20- that would kill me know!
Everything you made looks so very pretty!

jessi nagy

hey cutie,
i hope you are feeling better. teeth are no fun!!
i love all your creations, you will get inspired, i just know it!!


Ugh, my mouth aches for you! My husband also had a horrible time with his wisdom teeth. I hope it all gets better soon. For now, your work looks beautiful!


Hey, I'm with you girl. It's hard when the problem just won't go away! My son has come down with Strep Throat for the second time this month. He is on a stronger 10 day antibiotic. The doctor said it was so bad she really didn't even need to do the swab test (my uncooperative son had his mouth clenched shut when the swab came out). Geeeeze. Fortunately the "flash light" was cool and she could take a quick peak.

Hopefully we will all feel better soon :-), xoxoxox



Hi, I love your work and all the things I've bought in your shop are lovely. As a dental assistant, I want to remind you to mix together salt & warm water and gently swish in your mouth. Do this every hour or two and you'll feel a big difference with the pain in a few days. This also promotes healing. Hope this helps and you feel better soon!

Lisa Hessabi

Yuck!!! I hate dental work!! Mostly because I need so much more work done on my rotten teeth!! lol I don't know what pain meds you're taking, but your work is totally wonderfully pretty!! Love the ornament, and those wands and tiaras are perfect!! Can't wait to see more!!
Hugs, and wishes for feeling better soon!!

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