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April 29, 2008



What FUN!! The kids' faces say it all. Sooooo glad you enjoyed your trip. The kids will never forget it! I haven't been to Disneyland, but have been to Disney World in Florida. It was great.

Hugs and Blessings,

Heather~ Pretty Petals

WHat an awesome vacation!!!! Looks like you had such a nice time and made lots of memories. WHat a beautiful girl you are Analise...and you have a beautiful family as well. xoxoxo

jenny holiday

Cutest, FUNNEST family ever!! You are a riot!! I so wish we could hang out!!

I LOVE these pics!! too too fun!!!!

xoxo Jenny

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Fun! Fun!! I remember the tired feeling though. My feet hurt for days. Isn't Mary Poppins just the cutest?!


You are a riot Analise! I loved seeing the pics! Looks like so fun much! xo natalea

Jen Glover

What a beautiful family you have! and OH so much fun! Great memories and what a great scrapbook!


What wonderful photos you brought back! You have such a beautiful family, Analise. My favorite was your 'tired' photo. Priceless! So glad you'll had a wonderful time.

Lisa B.

Your tired photo is priceless!!! Glad you had a great time!

Kathi Pilar

What a beautiful family you have. Love the pictures with your Mom and sister. Too Funny! Glad you had a wonderful time. Now you get to plan your next trip!!

Pinkie Denise

Oh you and your family look like you are having such a wonderful time...I remember taking my kids when they were about that age, now I have two more little ones 5 and 4 can't wait to take them....thanks for sharing your trip Pinkie Denise


You're such a doll!
I hope you had a wonderful time! (and it looks like you did!)
Welcome home!
~Cerri xo

Mrs. Kwitty

Wow!! Looks like you all had a blast--and what wonderful pics! I enjoyed them all!
Smiles, Karen


Hi Analise...Great photos! I had to laugh at the one where you said you looked like you were trying to convince yourself that you were having fun...Disneyland isn't exactly my cup of tea...I'd rather be at the beach or a flea market! Glad you all had fun...Take care, Katie


What a beautiful first page to your blog! You had a lovely vacation and your pictures show the happiness and fun you were all having. Fun fun fun...


Awww, it looks like ya'll had a great time!


Fantastic photos, looks like you had fun.. but of course you did, this was DISNEY!

Victoria x


Glad you had fun; it's hard not to at Disneyland! Also, how smart of you to dress your family in the same colors! Much easier to pick out in a crowd and for safety/security reasons! (You can tell I'm a Grandma! ;-) )


Analise, how FUN!!! i know you all had a great time...your pictures are so cute, everyone looks so happy:)


you crack me up !!! great photos - we love disneyland !! hopefully this year we might go to disneyworld -!! so glad you had a great time and good to see some pics of you!!!!

m i c h e l l e

What marvelous marvelous fun pictures! SO funny!!! Thanks for sharing!

Alison Gibbs

Oh what fun photos. Thanks for sharing Disneyland with us.
Welcome back


Analise! What FUN FUN FUN photos! Love the ones of you and hubby with the mouse ears, and you still looked great even when you were "pooped!" :) Looks like you guys had such a wonderful and magical family vacation! Welcome back! XO


OMGosh! It looks like y'all had a blast! And you are too funny with your silly pictures! Sooooo typical :-) Makes me miss you even more! And I can't believe how much older the kids look!!!!! Where has the time gone....(sad face...) love you friend!

From My Cherry Heart

Oh it sure looks like you all had so much fun!
I am lovin the mickey cookie!!! Too cute!

Hugz, Dolly

Sadie Lou

Awww--brings back all my Disney memories. I LOVE the California Theme Park. I love the California Screamin' rollercoaster, Soarin' Over California, The Hollywood Hotel and Bugs Life.
My favorite rides in Disneyland are Indiana Jones, Space Mountain and The Pirates of the Carribean.
I hope you all had a great time! It looks like the kids were enjoying themselves!
Did you happen to go on the Finding Nemo Submarine Adventure? It was well worth the wait!


Looks like you all had a great time!!! Love your pirate mouse-ears! Hope the weekend heat wasn't too bad. :)

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