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March 26, 2008



F A B U L O U S!!!!!!!!

You have excellent taste, Keep em coming.


What a wonderful post! I enjoyed reading all about your buttons.

Also, your blog looks lovely. I had no difficulty with the colors. Great job!

Cookie Sunshine

Lili M.

You have inspired me too. I have made a post of my buttons as well. Sorry that I cannot let you whether your blog is better than before or not, because it's the first time I'm around here.

mary ann

hi analise!

i love your new blog look!

also, i stepped up to your button challenge & just posted on my bloggy!

happy button day!

:) mary ann xo


Love, love, love your pretty buttons and pretty blog!!! Also love the challenge! Too late now but will definetly try tomorrow!


I dont really have buttons but I think they are so cute! Makes sense why we all say "Cute as a button!" I found your blog through Shes Sew Pretty!!

Kara Ward

Everything just looks so yummy. I remember playing in my Mama's buttons when I was little. Thanks for stirring up such good memories. Kara


The blog looks great! (well except I was very sad to see my name disappear from the sidebar....) :0)


I love buttons, especially vintage and those are some beauties. I've washed a jar of old buttons that I inherited, too...they were very grungy...none really remarkable & a lot of white ones.


Just love the buttons. Love the colors on your blog. No trouble at all reading anything. Just save some of those buttons for me. LOL.
Hugs and Love

jessi nagy

what a fabulous find!!
i love buttons too!
you are to funny, you need to come back to the dark side, tee hee.

Alison Gibbs

What great buttons you bought

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh buttons! Did I tell you that I love buttons?! I never thought of washing the buttons and drying them outside. That is a great idea. Now...I need to go sort some buttons.


So many cute buttons! You have an adorable blog. =)

Sarah B.

What a fun spring activity - washing all those gorgeous buttons! The blog looks lovely. :)

Cindy (JunqueArt)

Oh those buttons are wonderful! So glad you are enjoying some down time! Love the look of your blog! Good luck with the wisdom teeth...I too had mine out and it wasn't bad.


so beautiful buttons are!!
funny how many people love something that's so fundamental in a way! I can barely find them in shops because the shop owners around here snatch them up first!
very pretty...thanks for sharing!
xo natalea

Sarah Keith

Looks like a fun button find! So pink and purty!


What a lucky find. I love buttons also.
Your blog colors look just fine.


I love all of your buttons!! and your blog also look good, love the colors!! May I know where you find the pink and aqua jars? Really want to grab them in my house!!


i think the colors are absolutely fabulous


Love the buttons...so cute...but so fresh.
Love the new look....right side is a little light for me...maybe because I am 50...those eyes have issues! Relax, think, and breathe..........


Your blog looks beautiful...very easy to read. As for your buttons...I'm drooling!


I just found your blog - how delightful! how did I get here? I followed a link, or a comment...not sure but so happy that I did! The color scheme grabbed me and I added you to my favorites as fast I could, lest the internet separate us! Thanks for the cleaning tips - I have a grungy box of white buttons that need some tlc! Kelley


Wonderful find all those pretty buttons! And I think the blog colors look lovely!



Very cool buttons! Blog looks great, too-

jenny holiday

ooooh what a dreamy, happy, fun post!! Some of the yummiest buttons ever!! Buttons are truly truly truly eye candy!! Can never have enough!!

Great find! Great pics!! :)

Luv ya!! Have some fun!!

xoxo Jenny

Maria R.

Such pretty buttons! I too need all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled. I'm a big baby and keep putting it off. I like the colors on your blog. I can read it just fine.

hugs, maria

Suzanne Duda

Washing and sorting a big jar of buttons would kind of be my perfect day! :) You got some really pretty ones too...The blog looks great, easy to read and pretty colors!

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