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March 28, 2008


Primitive Pursuits

I love buttons so much that I even make my own buttons. Glad to have found some like minded button enthusiasts.


Thank you for this grat opportunity to share our buttons. You can read my thoughts on why I love buttons here...
take care~Dale


Hi! I just found your blog....am I too late to add some button love? I looooove buttons~old ones, new ones, round ones, blue ones! Any button will do! Button photo is here:http://tatteredtreasures.blogspot.com/2008/03/sugarsugar-is-having-button-challenge.html

Hope you can stop by!


HI! Just found your blog and the button challenge...hope I'm not too late!

My buttons are here:http://tatteredtreasures.blogspot.com/2008/03/sugarsugar-is-having-button-challenge.html

This is a GREAT idea. I'm loving the buttony goodness everyone is showing!


Hello Analise
I was shown the path to your blog by Lili M..and now I see why!!
I think I have a bad case of button envy now!
Lili M suggested that my latest post could be part of the button challenge.. though I am a day late.. alas..
You have a stunning collection..



Buttons? I've been away for a week, but did someone say "buttons"??? I'm all over that! I only had time for a studio work area photo, but I went ahead and posted that on my blog!


I just put my post up...better late than not at all!!!!

Dawn @ (4:53am)

Pinkie Denise

Hello Annalise,
I just added my button post: http://pinkpomegranate.typepad.com/ thank you this is going to be so fun...


Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for the photo taking tips - they really helped me. I was beginning to think I couldn't take a photo to save my life! Here are some of my favorite buttons:


I just posted lots of buttons on my blog too Miss Analise and announced your fun show and tell party! :0)
Great idea!
~Cerri xo

Beth Leintz

What a great idea! Thanks so much- I have serious "button love" and I know other bloggers do to. You can find my buttons here:



Fun! I added my button blog today!


Phew! Just took some pictures really quick to try to get them in ... thanks for the fun idea! I'm at oodlesandoodles.typepad.com

michelle fitzgerald

Hi! I am having so much fun here! I'm so glad I had an excuse to get out my pretty buttons and play with them! I just finished my post so come on over! Thanks for the great idea!


Wow, I had more button pics than I realized! I have just finished my post...thanks for sharing this wonderful challenge, I really enjoyed it. :)

Now I'm off to surf!



Lisa B.

Oh, sorry...here's my link...

Lisa B.

I just did my post! It was fun!! Thanks for the great photo tips...I'm not such a hot photographer...but I think mine came out pretty...well...at least ok. Thanks again! I hope everyone enjoys seeing my butons.


Just finished my button post:


This was fun! Can't wait to see all the pretty eye candy....


Hi Analaise, great idea! I got my buttons posted this morning. I look forward to checking out the links later today. xo, suzy

Mrs. Kwitty

Oh, I'm so glad your Flickr led me here to your lovely blog--what fun! Of course I love buttons too--what crafty gal doesn't (I have an embarrasing amount of buttons in my craft room!) If you have time--pop over here and see how I cleaned mine

I'm gonna add you to my blog link list so I remember to come back and vist!
Smiles, Karen


ok, i'm IN:) just did my post:
thanks for hosting!!!

Lili M.

Hi!! I'm here thanks to Heather from pretty petals. I'm a button lover (not to say junk) too. Great idea to show them. I'm in too!

Alison Gibbs

HI Analise I have done my post on the buttons.



I LOVE BUTTONS TOO! Yep there are a bunch of us! I do know quite a few people who would laugh at the button bathing that's going on! We all did it in secret now you've put it out into the public! You go girl!


This was so much fun! Posted my buttons on my blog today.
Thanks for the invite!
Can't wait to check out all the other buttons!


silly me, I dont know what I should do with my photos? Should I put them on my Flickr, my blog, I dont know how to get them to the group photo. Thanks, Laurie


Thanks for asking me to be part of your flickr button show!! I will work on that right now...I LOVE buttons!! laurie

Clever Karen

Your post and Flickr group inspired me this morning! So much more fun than doing laundry!



Analise, how fun!!! i wanna play too, but i am working my dreaded 12 hour night shift all weekend...maybe i can take a few pics now before i lay down for my beauty sleep and let you know sunday if i can play. what a great idea!!!


Have posted some of my buttons on flicks and on my blog.


Just posted my buttons to Flickr & my blog:


Looking forward to Sunday so I can see everyone elses!



Super fun, I plan to dig some of mine out tomorrow for the button fashion show. Thanks for the invite!!


Hey!! I finally found your blog I think I have been here before but not sure! Thank you soo much for the tips on the camara I have been trying to figure out how people get those close up shots! now I can do it too! thanks! come by and visit my blog sometime!!



I love my buttons I will work on photos Saturday


julie (jane's apron)

I've added a few photos to the group and will blog about it on Monday...thanks for the photo tips!

Heather - Speckled Egg

Thanks for the invite!!!! Great idea! I'm in! :)


Thanks for the invite !! I'm In !! :)

mary ann

count me in analise! thanks for the invite!! xx mary ann


Sounds FUN! I'm in! :)

Heather {Pretty Petals}

lol, forgot to say, I just posted some buttons on flickr just now and then saw your buttons!!! lol!

Heather {Pretty Petals}

OH!!! I love this idea soooo much!!!! I will play!!! Sunday afternoon... I am there. :))))


Thanks for the invite to your fabulous button group. I shall post pix too!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I'm in. I'll have to sort and clean up some buttons.


Just the incentive I need to give my button collection some much deserved love (so I may be coming in right at deadline because there are quite a few in need of TLC)! This sounds like fun!


Alison Gibbs

Oh wow so many pretty buttons.

Small Treasures

how fun! will take some pics tomorrow!

jenny holiday

Count me in!!! Buttons are one of my Favorite things!! Can nevver have enough!!

Fun idea!!!
xoxo Jenny

See ya Sunday!!

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