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February 29, 2008



Can I just say I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!! So, through a blog (faeriewindow) I found your ETSY shoppe (and shopped) and then found your blog!! I love how this all works. I loved pink in my 20's.......then life was a blur of children and family things...sewing and things.....art that was outside of the box...and now I am back to loving girlie and pink again. So I am love ,love, loving this beautiful blog. I am totally adding this morsel of loveliness to my side bar.



WELL SAID!!! I'm disappointed that I missed the show. I hope you do post it later. I will stop by again!Your blog is darling! Sandy:)

Natasha Burns

Beautifully said Analise!
We get Martha a day later here, it will be on tonight at 12.30am I think, I will be sure to watch it with eyes glued to the TV!
I do love Etsy - it's gotten bigger and better and you don't have all that junk in between the good stuff! I opened an Etsy store ages ago but haven't put anything in there for some time now, I must get myself organised and get back into it! It's super user friendly!
Your blog is lovely and fresh and your creations are beautiful. You do inspire people, so thank you!!!

Lisa Hessabi

I am so drawn to the beauty that you and the many other talented crafters out there create on a daily basis!! Your sweet store also enables me to create some beauty for myself as well!! Thanks for what you do and bless you for finding your gift and the joy that it brings to you and to so many others (like me!!)!!!:o)


Loved the MARTHA show today! Rob looked so nervous yet cute standing there with the icon of all things GOOD!


jessi nagy

i saw this today too!
i hope you get allot of hits!


Someday I'd like to have an Etsy shop. Your post was beautiful, and so true. For those of us that LOVE to craft, it is a VERY important part of life. If I can't get up everyday and create then it isn't a good day! Congrats to you and your Etsy shop!


Amen. I find myself going to etsy more and more for gifts and treasures. All of you lovely ladies are to be commended for starting your own businesses. And I can only speak for me, but you bring me lots of joy and happiness with your beautiful blog(someplace fun to escape)and now your shop. Thanks so much :)

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