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February 21, 2008


Maria R.

Love the wallpapers. If you start offering them in your shop please shoot me an email. I would love to buy some from you.

hugs, maria

Cheryl Dack

Oh those wallpapers are YUMMY! I sure hope you offer them in your shoppe. I don't know a thing about getting it flat but you could just sell it rolled up. But that would be more expensive to ship. Talked about ya on my blog today, Sweets! HUGS...cheryl

Heather {Pretty Petals}

ooooohhhhh!! I love your wallpapers! I always cut mine to the size I want to use....then iron it on the backside with a towel underneath.

I ALWAYS have those days when you are running like a mad woman and the house just keeps piling up with toys... shoes... clothes... ugggg!

xoxo Heather


O.K. I love these wallpapers! :)When you lay it out flat, place a heavy object like a hammer on one end, then pull it out to however long you want it and secure than end down as well. Try ironing it while it's in that position (on top of a towel) and that way you will get it a bit flat so you can make your first cut. (without getting those nasty tears)

p.s. You had expressed interest in my 'junkforjoy' wallpaper set on etsy - did you still want me to hold it for you?... :)


Karin (creativechaos)

Sigh...I'm so jealous.....I have no idea what to do with rolls of wallpaper so I'm absolutely no help..... I just want to stare at it!

Camilla Floweret

Truly gorgeous wallpapers you found, looking forward to see what you end up creating with these, thanks for all the good pics and stuff on your blog and flickr.
/Camilla from Sweden


Hi, your papers are wonderful. To get mine flat I iron them from the back including steam. It takes a second to get them flat and I never get better results. This works well with all my papers, even with those very thin and fragile ones. Hope I could help. Nicole

jen duncan

Hi Analise- Well, you know I've handled my share of old WP (lol!) and I always iron it flat, then cut into pieces, then put in the envelopes. If saving for yourelf, just keep it rolled til you have a project for it's use and iron the amount you need then. Pretty!


oh, forgot to add: once it's flat, I'd sandwich it between something to keep it nice and flat as it dries, or try ironing it, but make sure you put a layer of paper between it and the iron.


hi, i just stumbled upon your blog, but for the wallpaper, my best suggestion would be to put it in the bathroom during a shower, don't use the fan. let it get really steamy in there and voila, it should flatten itself out.

To avoid it sticking to anything you'd prefer it didnt, i'd put a sheet of wax paper underneath it as it flattens from the hot moist air.

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