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January 08, 2008


jenny holiday

Hoooray Hooray!!! Such a super fun, super sweet, super cute post!! Love the pics!! My goodness!!

Big big hugs..and a big high five!

You so deserve it my friend! The artsy crafty world sooo should know of all your sugary goodness!!

Best Wishes!!!
Now go make those millions! ;)

xoxo Jenny


Hi! This was fun to read.. I'm in that issue too! (the first blog article) and I must admit I really need to read the rest of the issue!

I received that issue in the mail but I also had a piece of art in an article in the current Somerset Studio but hadn't seen the issue. Finally I found it at Michaels craft store last week and was stuck i line waiting to pay so I read the article - I was so excited I nearly told other people in line.. or the check out girl.. but I waited till I was back in the car and showed my husband!

Anyway, congratulations! It is fun to see ourselves in print, isn't it?


Wow.... will you sign my copy? ;-)


Jo-Anne TE RAA

yeeaaahhh I am so proud of you!!!!.....but I am not suprised they snapped you up.....you are so talented!!! hugs xx

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh my goodness, Analise! I know I commented afew days ago but cyberspace ate my comment. I am so proud of you! When you become a millionaire can you take me out for coffee? :P

Miss Sandy

Yeah! Congrats! I am cheering you on! This is so great! I am heading out to the bookstore tomorrow to get a copy. Corey from Tongue and Cheek is featured also and Dawn of The Featherd Nest will be featured soon! So much goodness going around in the blog world!


I love your items and creations! Beautiful!


BTW, your excitement reminded me of when I submitted years ago, some photos to a doll magazine of a diorama I had set up. I was so surprised to one day open the magazine and see my little dolls in their setting with my name!


Woo-hoo! That is great! You know I was in the fabric store yesterday & was browsing thru the Somerset mag 'cuz someone on another blog said they had something in it. I thought I saw pink cupcake tins and I immediately thought of yours! I just didn't connect it and I didn't get the mag...but, I am NOW! This is really the month for all the bloggers in the mags...look at Romantic Homes and you'll see many of the bloggers/designers there, like Grand Revival. Very exciting stuff - Congrats, your very talented. :)


Congratulations on your article in Somerset Life - I really enjoyed reading it. Your projects are lovely!


That is sooooo exciting! Congrats!

p.s. How is that I haven't found your beautiful blog until now? Love it!


Cathy Scalise

Congratulations! Wow, wow, wow. You go girl. I just love your cupcakes tins full of fun treasures. I am thrilled to pieces that you were featured in such a wonderful magazine.

Happy, Happy Day to you!

Karin (creativechaos)

Woo hoo!!! So happy for you!! Congratulations! I am going to go out tomorrow and get that as soon as we're done with Andres dr's appointment. And then I can brag to everyone that I "know" someone famous! :) Looks like this is going to be the start of a great year for you!!!


Congrats girlie!!!

Sadie Lou

This part cracked me up:
"Talking to myself. "Hmmmm, I guess they don't have it, I can't believe they don't have it.... Wait, let me look one more time. Guys, just gimme a sec, okay? Yes, I'll buy you a snack, just give me a minute..."
That is SOOOO something that I say "I'll buy you a snack"

Love it.
I'm sooo proud of you! Keep us updated on how things happen for you now that you are out there in the world--in PRINT!
How did you ship them the tin with everything all put together for them to photograph it like you wanted them to--or did they just use your photos?
Just curious.
~Sadie Lou


Congratulations to you my friend!! Everything looks beautiful!! God has good things in store for you...this is only the beginning!! Love you & miss you so much!


Congrats to you !! It all looks fantastic , happy for you ! An adorable picture also at B&N of you !!


What a great way to start a new year!

Colleen Gallagher

How exciting!! Huge congratulations to you!!! Darn it, I had that one in my hand, and bought two other Somersets, I am going back to get that one first thing tomorrow, well done!


YEAH!!! I am so happy that someone so nice and genuine gets some recognition! Love the pictures too! You look beautiful so young and vibrant! Way to go!!! Hugs,Angelina

carol m

Congrats!!! I have the Somerset and your article is cool and your muffin tin adorable. Now I wish I had like items to put in my tin but loved your idea and will be putting small items in my yellow tin. I am so happy for you, that smile! wow, says it all.
Carol M

Susan at Black Eyed Susans Kitchen

Okay, I am going out to Borders to buy this issue and it is because of you. You have so much enthusiam, I think it is contagious. Congratulations. I hope this is the first of many articles for you. Susan


Woohoo!! Congratulations!!


WOW How uber Exciting for you! and Of course your kiddos...hehehe I'll have to go and get this issue!!!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


YAY!! Congrats Analise! I'm so happy! It looks great! I'm going to head out and get my copy today!! xo natalea


Congratulations! Lovely article and great idea! Now I have to find me an old cuppie pan and do one for myself for Easter! I can see the pastels swimming now! Thanks bunches, Lori


YAY! So exciting. I'm very happy for you...nothin' beats that first-time feeling. Here's to many more!!

Alison Gibbs

How ever are you going to live up to that celebrity status and now you're a millionaire the kids are going to be wanting something big. Well you are rich and famous!!

Denise Mares

How exciting! Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your excitement!


Very cool! Very cool! I love the big colorful photos, too!

Cindy Roberts

Congrats! LOVE the idea and all the PINK! We have the same affinity! Stop by and say hello!


HOw cool is that!!! You are famous!!! Yep nothing like a kid or two for a quick dose of reality. Now please scan it and link it to your blog, we don't get Somerset Life here and I would love to read your article. When I am rich I am going to subscribe to all the fab American magazines:)


yay!!! i ran over to betty's blog yesterday when i read her comment on your page! i got sooo excited when i saw it! now i have to go buy my own copy and show you off in your former dwelling place :-) congratulations!!! wish i were there to throw confetti on you or bake you some cupcakes! :-)
miss you!

Maria Rodarte


julie (jane's apron)

insanely cute! looks like I'm magazine shopping tomorrow...congrats!

jessi nagy

congrats!! that is awesome!! i love the pink cupcake pan filled with goodies.
very cute.


that is so cool! and your ideas are great! now your kids will think your a big celebrity!

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