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January 31, 2008



Just looking in the pretty box inspires me!
What a fun collection of goodies!

Hugz, Dolly


You have grouped together such pretty things, I want to encourage you to keep going, all of your creations are wonderful, and beautiful eye candy I might add. Thanks for sharing your feelings it is good to know that there are more people like us working to achieve our goals and having fun in the process. Love your Art (:

Hugs, Diane


Hey! I am hosting a swap and I would love for you to join! come by my blog to check it out!


Soo gorgeouse! Better than Chocolate! ;-)

Melissa Danner

I just found your blog this evening. I loved your article in Somerset Life. You use the colors that I am always drawn to.

I will definitely be bookmarking your blog!


Carol G

The blog world has been inspiring to me also! Your blog is great! I am glad that all this creativity has helped you! Please count me in!

Carol G

Lisa Larson

Would love to be part of your giveaway! Your stuff is beautiful -- I found it on Flikr and it's great. I totally believe in the whole "getting paid to do something you love" :)

Jamie V

Love all the valentine goodness! Lots of inspiration from you! Jamie V in MT
[email protected]


I love looking at all your work! It is such an inspiration. Please enter me in your contest!
Happy Valentines Day!


What a sweet collection of goodies! I am so glad to have found your blog today! Your Etsy shop has been one of my "favorites" for some time now. You are an inspiration to us all! Emily. XOXOXO

Cindy In Carolina

Me, me, me, pick me!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed and I'm glad you have some inner peace.

Evonne Quezada

What a beautiful and creative gift. Please put my name in.

Karen Provost

I must say I am new to the world of blogs, and I am really enjoying yours. What an uplifting message about feeling all negative about the world and then doing something positive to change your outlook - it is very inspiring! I love all your wonderful little things - I would love to win a yummy valentine heart full of your "sweets"! Thanks again. Karen

Kristin Seling

I love you post and your honesty! It is so true that creativity is therapuetic!! Please enter me in your contest, the box you made is super sweet! God Bless...Kristin

Shelley Davis

Congratulations on reaching your 200th sale! That is awesome.
Good luck on your future sales!
Sweetest regards,
[email protected]


I love all your pretty things!! :) Good luck for 2008!


You have an amazing sense of beautiful things! Love looking at your blog and store!


Congratulations! You are such an inspiration and I love your sense of design!

Sherri ( butterflykissesnhugs)

Hiya every since I found your shop on etsy can't seem to stay out of Sugar Sugar. That is the first shop I look in when I log on the computer and also check every day!!!! I think my paycheck enjoys you too!!!!


I'm very happy for you that your shop is doing so well! congrats on 200 sales!
~Cerri xoxo


What wonderful little goodies!!!!
Consider me signed up!!!

Cheryl Dack

ooooh....lovely! PLEASE sign me up, Sweets! I'm so glad to hear so many great things have happened in your life lately. It IS wonderful to find that something we love can make a little extra cash, isn't it? :) We still need to get together for that coffee, don't we? I have a FULL Starbucks gift card that is just "asking" to be spent so let's do it SOON! HUGS...Cheryl


What a wonderful gift! Love all the goodies you've picked to put in the box!
Thanks, love your blog!


So sweet, so pink.. Good job!



gorgeous goodies!
it sounds like you have found your "passion" - congratulations on reaching your goals and getting more out of everyday life!!!!


Every little piece in that heart is a treasure to behold. Each piece you create is truly from your sweet, warm soul. I would be blessed to enter :)
Thank you!

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage

Congrats on your personal success...doing what you like instead of being stuck just doing...how wonderful! Please enter my name in your giveaway.


Inspiring! Looks like a great box full of fun.
Best wishes ~


What a wonderful looking kit! Love it!



Congratulations on your good fortune and your willingness to pay it forward.

Enjoy your success!


Analise, I sure could put that box of sweet goodies to good use!How sweet you are to offer this!


So enjoy all your pretty posts and ideas! Gald you've found your joy, a life of sadness isn't a life at all and I know too! Great give-away, no calories, pink and red, and girly girl toys as I call them!! Take care, and have a fun day! Lori

Lisa L.

Analise - this is gorgeous! I'm very happy for your success and more than that, I admire you for following your dream! Lisa L.


oh! pink and red and all that fun!
hope it comes my way or to someone like me who will love it!
what a great little package!
Happy Valentines :)

Elizabeth Holcombe

Loved your spread in Somerset LIFE! I recognized your sweet pink offerings right away! Please enter me in your wonderful give-away!~~~XXOO, Beth


Oh sweeties, sorry you missed the swap. I'll be having a May basket swap again this year. You won't want to miss that. The box you put togehter is GORGEOUS! Please put my name in the hat.




OHHHH my. I hope you pick me. LOL. This is beautiful. Have fun doing your giveaway!!!!


Great job with the blog! Love the idea of the PIF giveaway!


Great job with the blog! Love the idea of the PIF giveaway!


oh, lovely valentine goodies! who wouldn't love to get that in the mail ~ hope it's me! xo


Awesome!! So glad I found your shop and can't wait until you add more stuff so I can buy more!!


Wow, what gorgeous goodies! Congrats on the success of your shop too. You should be proud of your achievement's :)


That sure looks like a fun pack of goodies to win...I'm making a few Valentine gifts now that could use some embellishment.
I'm glad you found what gives you joy - an outlet for creativity for you & a great place for us to visit. :)

kimi griffith

Oh my - I am on a sugar high. It all looks so yummy. Congrats on your sweet success. Kimi

brenda bliss

You know how to put together an awesome giveaway! Please add my name to the list--I could sure have fun with that box of goodies!
brenda bliss


A lovely giveaway! I'd love to be included in your drawing. It was nice to read how much blogging has has changed your life, I'm sure that a there are a lot of newbie bloggers reading that who will be encouraged and hang in there! It's a blessings to be where you are!

Cathy Scalise

Sweet Pea, your Somerset ad was 2DIE4 and so is everything you create and sell. The color combinations are beautiful and the way you pull it all together is PERFECT. Thank you for being you and giving us all a chance to know the happy person you've become! We love you just the way you are.



OH!!! What fun you could have with all of that lovely stuff.

Tammie Moore

Love your blog girl... Your a girl after my own heart.... Would love to win your box full of goodies,. so pick me.... pick me... pick me....pick me........
Tammie Moore

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