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January 23, 2008



Hi! I found your blog through your e-mail...so glad I checked it out!!! I will definitely be adding it to my bloglines and I already added your etsy shop to my blog too!!


Cheryl Dack

Congrats on the new PINK! How fun!!!! And what a lovely brother! Hmmmm....a name....what about "Candy"? You know...Sugar Sugar, pink, sweetness, 70's movie star kinda thing??? :) Have FUN with your new love!!! ;) hugs, cheryl


Cute camera! I love macro, too.


I really like the last pic ...Everything rose.....I want it! lol


I really like the last pic ...Everything rose.....I want it! lol

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

OH! what a sweetie your brother is!! I got the very same camera from my family for Christmas! she is named "Pinky" and Christy crocheted her a little sleeping bag. LOL
We need to get together though because I don't think I'm setting my camera right. My close up pictures aren't turning out as good as yours did.

Periwinkle Vintage

I WANT A PINK CAMERA!!! I'm so jealous. Your new pics are great. I think you should name her "Rosey." She's a cutie!


How lucky are you to have such a talented and thoughtful brother. Love the new pink camera.
Cheers Linda


chased you down from pic on flickr! Had a buncha laughs and smiles reading your blog! :) Glad I took the time to follow thru! Grats on the new camera!

Sadie Lou

Oh my goodness!! You are making me really, really jealous right now. I want a new camera!! I think I might have to save all my Etsy money and buy one.
I think you should name your camera "Frenchie" after your avatar on Etsy!!
Isn't that cute?


Oh, my god!! I love all your goodies and will die for them!! I want all of them I could do so!! Your pink camera is lovely too and it's your favourite color!! Enjoy!!

Lorrie Orr

Such a cute camera. Enjoy!


Alison Gibbs

How lucky are you????
A new camera. And PINK. Way too cute.


What a great post - and a lovely gift - and it's PINK! Too cool! Love all of the photos you took, lotsa eye candy for sure... :)



Any guy who would buy his *sugar*sugar* a PINK camera is a keeper! Congrats on your new PINK camera...and oh, YOU took some lovely picutres!

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