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November 03, 2007



GREAT Pics. I have recently taken over my Church Youth Group (small town, smaller church, lol), and we are planning our very first TrunkorTreat for Harvest Festival. Loved the pic of your Candyland, hope you don't mind if I use it as a sample idea for folks. May be using a couple of your other ideas as well, in the future. GREAT STUFF

JoAnn Wegner

Oh my!!!! My friend and i want to do this! How did you make the giant lollipos and stuff

Good Santa

I was lucky to find this leesiebella.typepad.com site. I don't have much to add to the conversation, but I'm right here with you. Your post said exactly what I have been thinking. Good to see you posting again.


Very,very cute site! happened upon you and love the Halloween pics and your other ideas! Especially love the candyland car!!! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing for the holidays! P.S. I'm having a give-away at my site if you or someone you know likes vintage lavender, stop by also some new things too! Will visit again! Lori at pinkfadedroses.blogspot.com

Julie size

Your blog was so much fun to visit!!! I am on the hunt for Thanksgiving decor for our farm - so I will be back. Your Halloween was obviously a blast!!


You're sooo funny... Love you and your mom's costumes, but I have to say my favorite is the spaghetti! Toooo cute!


How fun are you ? And creative.
I love your candy trunk and the party looked so fun. Your costume was the best, I might steal that idea next year for my Bunco costume. I have won 2nd place two years in a row and I have to get 1st next year, so that me in a shower might do it.
Thanks for the great party and Holiday pictures, I felt like I was there with you having fun.
:) Bren

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

oh my gosh!!!!!!! I am so amazed at all of these fabulous pictures...me and the kids are coming over next year ok?

What fun you all had it was such a wonderful idea to carve pumpkins with the kids at church, I bet the ones that never carved a pumpkin before had so much fun!! I LOVE that!

Karin (creativechaos)

WOW!!!! Analise what a month!!! I LOVE your costume!! LOVE IT! Your church event looked great and looked like everyone had a great time. Lots of happy looks on the kids faces! Rest up! You deserve it!

jenny holiday

SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNNNNN!!! Ohhh I love all of the pics!! The costumes are fantastic!!!! Yours is soooo GREAT!! Really really fun!! And the spaghetti rules too!! Sooo fun!!!!

I'm gonna go get Aaron so he can see too!! :)

Wish you were going to SB!!! next year!!!!

Talk soon!!

xoxo Jenny


Oh my stars!! Your trunk was amazing!! Love all of the "candy" you created!
So sweet too that you had so many children to your church to carve pumpkins!
Such fun things!!
~Cerri xoxo

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh gosh! You have been busy and it looks like so much fun! I love your trunk or treat and your lady in the shower and the spaghetti boy and....I'm gushing. We're going to Disneyland next week. We'll have to get together when I get back!

Cheryl Dack

Looks like a lot of fun! Oh aren't you sooooooooo glad Halloween is over???? I thought i was but seeing all that you've been up to...wowzers, Sweets! You must be exhausted!!! Take a break and be good to yourself. We will plan a little coffee date when things calm down a bit. ;)


Oh, I love all your pictures! Seems you've had a busy month as well! And your costume was so cute! Wish we could've partied together! :-) Miss you!!! love, Shel

Natasha Burns

I love all your fun photos! you look so gorgeous as a lady in the shower, lol, i got a good giggle out of that! The farm looks so sweet! Add me to the list of never having carved a pumpkin before. I just keep thinking of how much pumpkin soup i could make with it, hehehe, always thinking of food....

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