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October 02, 2007



We are all on your side.
We know things can only get better. Tomorrow will be better, each day will be easier.
Hope your life gets back to normal soon. :) Bren

Karin (creativechaos)

Hang in there Analise!!!! I am dying to hear the whole story...because, well, I love a good gossipy story. And I would be completely on your side! "She said WHAT to you!?!?!" "How dare she say that about you!?!" "Just wait until I see here at the next ladies meeting....when a plateful of cookies accidently drop in her lap!" All the while looking horrified and comforting at the same time for you... :) Take care of yourself...Karin

cathy nash

As my favorite Bible teacher, Kay Arthur says, "Hangeth thou in there!" I'm sure the Lord is teaching you through these difficult days, and growing you. Best wishes~Cathy


So sorry that you've had a bad time of it. I hope that life will treat you a little kinder, and that those you love and are close to will give you a little extra 'sugar' this week. In the south we say "give me some sugar" and that means a kiss or love.


Love your blog ! So sorry for all your bad days, I pray that God can wrap His arms around you & keep you ! And if you have some hard days that you will have the strength & joy to endure !!

Beth Leintz

It still amazes me that people think they can make good things happen by screaming, yelling, calling people liars, or hanging up on people. My dad used to say "you get more flies with honey than vinegar"- not that any of us really want flies....but anyway, I'm sorry you've been having a tough go of it- and I know this is trite but true- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger- but that's not a lot of consolation after you've been yelled at...
Despite it all- you put together a post just full of eye candy- thanks for all the inspiration! and take good care!

Alison Gibbs

Sorry that you have had such a horrible week. Things can only get better. Love the card you got from Ann. What pretty tags you got too.

Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Analise, I know exactly what you mean about wanting to vent but, feeling like you can't! I've had to bite my tongue so many times since last Friday. Looking forward to coffee this coming Friday! Hugs!


So sorry, Analise! (I accidently called you "Colleen"!)

Analise, more sugary hugs to you now for my mistake! Here's a five pound bag a sugar just for you.... :)


Hi Colleen,
Did I understand you right, you're a pastor's wife? Let me know if I've misunderstood! I do hope things are on the up and up. Always remember in the midst of it all, "...this, too, shall pass...".

Sugary Hugs!


Analise, I so hope that things will get straightened out for you! It really stinks being in the middle of crap! Ha!
I've had my share for sure so I'm sending a smile your way! Thank God for blogs, huh?
xo natalea


Sorry it has been a bad week, glad you feel a little better!

Oh those tags are gorgeous! :O)

Shelly @ ThePinkBarn

BTW....those tags are adorable!!!!

Shelly @ ThePinkBarn

Sorry you've had a rough week :-(
That's no fun! Come see me tomorrow, I'm having a birthday giveaway on my blog, maybe you'll win! :-)


sorry it's been a rough, nasty week. loved seeing your sweet finds. the card from ann was oh, so darling and the tags were pretty, pretty!


lol... I thought that would surprise you. I did make it for another swap but after I told you that I realized I hadn't mailed it yet. So the original 'swapper' got a different card. I did get your package and am working on photos now. Should be on my blog later.


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