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September 12, 2007



I love your site! I recently discovered it and quickly added it as a link in "my favorite places" on my blog. I just love your pictures and your shop! Congratulations on your 100th item sold...as a new blogger and etsy member, I am so inspired! Keep up the good work..and all of the pretty pictures!


Analise....great blog! I, too, am so thankful to be at my kids disposal on any given day. And to keep my jammies on if want to! We should have a pajama party! ha ha! All of your things are BUUUU-TEE-FUll!!! You are soooo creative and I miss you very very much!! Wish we could grab our paypal cards and spend some of our profits on a white chocolate mocha together, or grab our fav table at the Olive Garden with Misty! Let the good times roll again soon! :-) love you girl!


It is soooooo sweet in here you can almost smell the SUGAR!!! Love all the pretties. A giveaway? Love it, so much I am also hosting my own!

Best Wishes


Oh my do I love your blog and etsy shop! Everything is SO beautiful, and lovely colors! You are so very talented! :O)


I enjoyed your post today. I too own a van (95 Chevy Aerostar)! One of my daughter's friends calls it a "Chevy Atrocious"! I prefer to call it "Thunder Blue" (it is big and bright blue). Early yesterday morning I had to take it to the mechanic because it wouldn't start. My daughter was depressed because the mechanic was once again able to repair it and get it back in working order by the time school was out. She was hoping it had finally died and whined to her Dad, "Oh great! I already bought balloons for the It's-Time-to-Buy-a-New-Car-Celebration!"

I will actually miss the van when it is time to say GoodBye. It has carpooled a lot of wonderful kids to and from activities.

Congratulations on the success of your store! I enjoy your blog.


Your blog is really sweet, (good name!). I loved looking at everything and will add it to mine. I don't want to miss a thing.


How Pretty, Wonderful Blog, I love all The Pink & Aqua :)


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

I echo what Chryl said. thank you for reminding me what a gift it is to be able to stay home. I feel some days I work just as hard but at least I can do it in my jammies if I want to. I'm glad you started blogging. I love visiting here.


How pretty! Your work is beautiful!

Cheryl Dack

Wow! Lucky Cerri! And thank you for the wonderful reminder of how "great" we have it...so true. Kiddoes running around, crafts in progress, emailing, playing with fun fabrics and materials...it really IS a gift, isn't it?
Hugs to you, Sweets!
Cheryl :)

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