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July 31, 2008



How cute! I am going to add some of your creations to my sidebar on my blog if that's ok with you. They are so gorgeous! Daisy~

karla nathan

Don't you just love a fresh start? Have fun breaking in your new craft room!


Hey Camp Counselor!!! Our church is having a church camp. Could you come and be the counselor. I promise it will be fun. I promise you could sleep at night if you would just come and bring some fun craft stuff. Love your pictures. Seriously, you are one brave woman!!!
Blessings, Debbie


I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and cannot believe what I have been missing! You are just the cutest and I read back to your birthday post and it sounds like your hubby is great as well! I can't wait to add you to my list of blogs and I will be visiting again soon. I absolutely love the colors and theme that you have used and am so jealous of your studio. Have a great weekend and by the way my kids started school yesterday(YIPPEE!!).


Hey Analise! I love your blog, you should write a book. A book on crafting!!! I'd buy it! I always think that I'm not crafty, but I can bang it out if I have to, I made super cute cupcakes for my sister's baby shower in March! And I knit a little, and sew a little less! ha ha ha

So how are things? I totally know what you mean about school starting, yay yay yay!!! Last year when Olivia started Kindergarten, I was a pathetic mess, I was a puddle of mush on the floor. I want to go back in time and smack myself in the head, "School is wonderful!" ha ha ha She starts the 18th, I'm ready now! I need to get her to bed early and wake her up early, but I like staying up late and sleeping in! Oh well, I'll get back into the groove, eventually. ha ha ha

Anyway, drop me a line and let me know how things are going!


Julie Bergmann

Wow! What great organization! All of my favorite colors too!!!! Can you come and organize my studio? ;)

Julie Bergmann


LOVE all your new pics! The girls are getting soooo big!!! Gracie...OMG!!! And looking at your new studio space is giving me the fever.....

love you!

The old Dairy

Love the studio!!!!!The colors are just to die for, happy creating when you get to it. I love your Blog.

Pink Slippers

How fun! Everyone looks so happy and sunshiney! Love the lollipop in your picture made out of yarn. OMG! I love it! I think the princesses would like one of those. Happy summer day!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Analise.... you are so cute in those glasses!! Looks like you and the kids had so much fun...just perfect summer memories in those photos.

LOVE your new studio space so much..the colors are so inspiring and I wish I could just pop over and see it all in person.



I love your pics! All my favorite colors and just my style. I love finding other women (girls:) who like what I like, I feel like a lone island sometimes, most of the gals I know are into the ever famous "Tuscan style" of decor. I like it, but pink makes me truly happy! Where are you located?

Sadie Lou

School starts on the 13th for us!
I'm tempted to giggle...
I'm so glad you're alive! You owe me an email from like...I dunno...months ago?


So pretty! What an amazing workspace and gorgeous collection of pretty pink things!


Everything looks wonderful!! I always struggle with kids/house vs. computer/crafting so I can really relate to how it will be nice to be sitting in the middle of it all. Your new area looks amazing! :0)Kristin


It looks like a great new space and that note is very intriguing--I'm immediately drawn to Tiffany blue. I'll be back to see what's up. A couple of years ago did you see that tv commercial for an office supply store with a dad sailing around the store merrily throwing school supplies in his cart while the kids frowned and the usually-reserved-for-Chritsmas song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" played in the background? Summer's fun but hooray for back to school and mom getting things done.


Hi...Your studio looks great...It will be interesting to see if you prefer being so near all the action...My "studio" is part of my living room, and I would actually love it if it were further away from the action :)...Take care, Katie


I love your new work space/creative area ;) I shared your blog with my best friend, she loves it too, you have inspired us to get our stuff together and create a special area too. Keep up with the great ideas and Blog...Rose


LOVE your studio space! All those ice cream colors look so cool and delicious. Happy creating!

Kim FAucher

oooooo your room looks divine!!!! all that yummy pink! I may have to print up a pic for my inspiration binder!!

Im counting down school days too and mine don't go back until day after Labor day! :O

Can't wait to see the new stuff

Kim Johnson

Stumbled across your beautiful blog today and I think I've died and gone to pastel heaven. Your photos are georgous and I wish I could move right in to your beautiful home studio. Pastels are such soothing peaceful colors and they always calm me and make me smile.

shelley gomez

Love your Studio!!! Gorgeous...=D
Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!


Your new studio area looks wonderful...so bright and cheery!!!

The camp pics look like you had fun..but I would have been dead on my feet too...girls are cuties!



Camp is such fun, but oh, so tiring. Your new studio space is lovely and how wonderful of your husband to encourage the move to the center of the house.
Have fun creating, and counting down to the 25th!



Precious pics of the kiddies!!! I would be "pooped" too! LOL!!!
Your studio space turned out GORGEOUS Miss Analise. Everything looks so organized, pretty, and inspiring. Just from the photos you would NEVER know it was your dining room!!!! Just beautiful!!! XO

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Great pics!! I can only imagine how tired you were! LOL! I know my little grand children have 1000's times more energy than I do, but I love every single second of my time with them! Love your shop space!!


Wow...your new studio looks wonderful! I have my stuff in our dining room, too. It's on the main floor and it is better than being upstairs....

The colors are wonderful!



That is just too cute of those little chick! I think they're adorable and lovin' YOU, honey. I also think that people who donate time to the youth of this world are fantastic, my sweet chick!!!!!!!!

Lisa Hessabi

Everything looks so lovley and wonderful!! I hear ya about taking some time off this Summer!! You have to when the kids are home all day!! I'm also excited to see what new pretties you hav ein store for us!! Have a fun 26 days!! :o)

Wonders Never Cease

I'm impressed! Either you have quite an amazing energy level or you've been eating lots of sugar! Or maybe coffee! Either way, it looks like fun!
Beautiful pictures!


soo pretty! I love your studio! its soo cute!


Betty @ She's Sew Pretty

Oh! Can I come play in your studio?! It looks like a fantastic place to create!

jessi nagy

hey doll, cute pics.
what a fun week.,
ok your studio is to die for. full of so many yummy things.
i would never leave.
see ya soon.


Love it!!! Love all the pictures....everything is so color coordinated...So glad to hear you are alive and well :)

shelley gomez

Girl~It's gorgeous...I see lots of goodies too...Yum!!! =D
I promise I'll be purchasing next week! I've had a Birthday party for a friends daughter, a baby shower to decorate, wedding invitations to do...whew! So now I'm back on track and ready for some yummies!!
Looks great, keep up the awesome work!!!


OMGoodness!! Your studio is just beautiful!!! And what a wonderful idea to use the dining room where you're around everyone ~ it turned out perfect ~ xxoo, Dawn

Natasha Burns

Welcome Home!!!!! Looks like you all had a blast, tiring but a blast! And the studio... wowee~! glutton for punishment but oh boy did you do a fabulous job or what?!!!! xo


Your craft room is delicious!! I love all the colours!

Victoria x


I LOVE your new space. I have been contemplating about a creative space for myself, even though I have a small house. I like your dining room idea. Thanks for all the great ideas! Enjoy!


Clever Karen

Oooh, this looks like a yummy crafy candy store - the colors are just awesome and every corner is filled with eye candy.


it sounds like you had a really fun, if tiring, time with those girls at camp:) they are really cute!!! your studio looks really sweet and pretty!!!

Linda and Laura Lilly Cottage

Wow it sounds like you had a very exhausting yet fun week at camp. Your new studio area looks wonderful!! It is so much better being in the centre of all the action. I took over our huge family/lounge room as my space and i felt guilty at first ( because it is the best room in the house) but I am way over that now and the children are quite happy to show off 'mums art area' to any of their friends so I figure that it can't be a bad thing! Live with what you love!! Have a wonderful day, kiss noises Linda Lilly Cottage.

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